workers are CELEBRATING early days off

February 2024: From Carnival to Early Holidays, discover the commemorative dates that are shaking up the month.

With the arrival of February, Brazilian workers have reasons to celebrate beyond the carnival festivities.

This month brings with it the anticipation of two public holidays, giving citizens more time to rest, recharge and enjoy moments of leisure.

In the lines below, we will explore in detail these two new holidays that are getting people excited in February 2024.

February brings more than Carnival: Discover the parties and holidays that will liven up your days this month. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

When will Carnival be in 2024?

Carnival, one of the most iconic festivals in Brazil, is officially celebrated on February 13th in 2024. However, the celebration starts even earlier, extending from the weekend of the 10th to the 14th.

In short, this extended period of festivities offers Brazilians the opportunity to participate in colorful parades, wear creative costumes and dance to infectious music.

Carnival is, in fact, a national passion that unites people of all ages in a celebration of Brazilian culture.

The anticipation of the festivities only increases the excitement, providing more time for people to prepare for this unique experience.

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In addition to the carnival holiday: discover other commemorative dates in February

Namely, in addition to Carnival, February holds six more commemorative dates that are worth highlighting:

Chinese New Year (Early February):

In short, Chinese New Year is one of the most important celebrations in Chinese culture. It marks the beginning of a new cycle and brings with it significant traditions and rituals.

Saint Valentine’s Day (February 14):

Known as Valentine’s Day in many places around the world, Saint Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express love and affection through romantic messages and gestures.

World Cat Day (February 17th):

Cat lovers have a special day to honor their furry friends and share stories about their adorable companions.

Saint Patrick’s Day (February 17):

This date is especially significant in Ireland, where Saint Patrick is the patron saint. Festivities include parades and traditional celebrations.

Friendship Day and Space Conquest Day (February 20):

Friendship Day is an opportunity to celebrate emotional ties, while Space Conquest Day reminds us of the incredible achievements of space exploration.

International Mother Language Day (21 February):

This date promotes the appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity, highlighting the importance of mother tongues throughout the world.

National Textbook Day (February 27th):

Finally, National Textbook Day highlights the relevance of educational tools in training future generations.

What are the public holidays in 2024?

Holiday Data Day of the week
New Year (Universal Celebration) January 1st Monday
Carnaval 2024 February 10th to 13th Saturday to Tuesday
Ash Wednesday February 14th Wednesday
Good Friday (Day of the Passion of Christ) March 29th Friday
Easter March 31 Domingo
Tiradentes April, the 21st Domingo
Labor Day May 1st Wednesday
Body of Christ May 30th Thursday
Independence of Brazil September 7th Saturday
Our Lady of Aparecida and Children’s Day October 12th Saturday
Dead November 2nd Saturday
Proclamation of the Republic November 15th Friday
Natal December 25th Wednesday

In short, February 2024 offers much more than just Carnival. With a variety of commemorative dates, Brazilians have the opportunity to celebrate culture, love, friendship, science and education.

These dates provide special times to connect with others, reflect on life and appreciate the different facets of our diverse society. Take advantage of the Carnival holiday and early days off to relax, have fun and value what really matters in life.

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