Woman receives PIX of approximately R$50,000 by mistake and takes unbelievable action

Have you ever thought about receiving a R$50 Pix by mistake? Would you return the money? This is what happened to a Brazilian woman, find out everything about this story.

Opening your banking app and coming across an unexpected Pix worth almost R$50,000 is a lot of people’s dreams! This was also the surprising reality for a Brazilian woman, who found herself faced with a crucial decision: what to do with a substantial amount of money received by mistake?

In a world where digital transactions occur in the blink of an eye, this incident highlights not only human failings in the digital age, but also the moral and ethical implications involved in managing unexpected financial resources. Check out everything that happened below!

Brazilian woman receives R$50,000 Pix by mistake; look what she did! Credit: plasticaxe.

Understanding errors in Pix

Digital financial transactions, like Pix, offer convenience and speed, but are not immune to errors. Understanding why a Pix may mistakenly appear on a person’s account is crucial to avoiding and managing such situations.

Several factors can contribute to these mistakes, including typing errors, confusion with similar Pix keys or even mistakes when selecting contacts in banking applications.

The instant nature of Pix means that once the money is sent, reversing it can be a challenge, requiring quick action and effective communication between the parties involved.

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Businesswoman receives R$48,000 Pix by mistake!

Isabela Bosco, a 28-year-old businesswoman (in the photo below), was at work when she received notification of an unexpected Pix of R$48,000. Surprised, she acted quickly to resolve the situation.

"When I saw the value, I got scared and took a screenshot of the screen so as not to lose the information, already afraid of being blocked. I got home, tried to refund the exorbitant amount, but they automatically blocked my account", commented the businesswoman in a chat with the G1 website.

Proof of receipt of Pix. Credit: Reproduction/G1.

Despite her bank account being blocked due to the high amount, Isabela made efforts to return the money. She contacted the bank and looked for the sender of the Pix on social media, using the company name indicated in the transaction.

"I called the bank’s customer service channels and went through five agents, but they couldn’t resolve it and gave me a protocol, and said it would only be resolved at the city branch", added the "lucky woman".

The return process

After locating the person responsible for the transfer, Isabela managed to contact him, who was desperate to recover the amount sent in error. In the process, the sender’s account had also been blocked.

With the help of the bank manager, the return was made using an Available Electronic Transfer (TED). The owner of the money thanked Isabela, recognizing her honesty and integrity.

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Pix’s lesson by mistake

Isabela Bosco’s story is a reminder of the importance of acting with integrity and responsibility in the digital world.

In an era where financial transactions are carried out with a simple touch, honesty and ethics stand out as fundamental values.

The case also reinforces the need for attention and care when carrying out digital transactions, to avoid errors that can lead to complicated situations like this.

In the video below, you can check out some tips on what to do if a Pix is ​​deposited into your bank account by mistake, or if you make an incorrect transfer to the wrong account:

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