Will Nubank release R$7,000 in credit limit until Carnival? Know more!

Can all Nubank customers get a R$7,000 increase in their credit limit during Carnival? Understand this story and see how to get the value.

Have you ever imagined yourself with an extra credit limit to enjoy Carnival without financial worries? It seems like a dream, doesn’t it? But Nubank, the Brazilian fintech innovator, is making this a reality.

With Carnival approaching, the "Market Monitor" portal announced the possibility of increasing the credit limit of Nubank customers to up to R$7,000! Read our article and discover how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

See how to increase your credit limit by R$7,000 at Nubank! Credit: plasticaxe.

How do banks set credit limits?

Firstly, before we talk about the details of Nubank’s new offer, it is important to understand how banks define credit limits.

In general, the credit limit is determined based on the customer’s credit analysis, which includes factors such as payment history, income, existing debts and credit score.

The objective is to offer a limit that aligns with the customer’s payment capacity, reducing the risk of default.

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Two ways to increase your credit limit at Nubank

According to the Market Monitor portal, Nubank proposes two innovative ways for you to increase your credit card limit: "Nu Limite Garantido" and "Construir Limite".

Both features allow you to adjust the credit limit according to your needs and possibilities. Let’s explore each of them:

How to use Nu Limite Guaranteed?

With "Nu Limite Garantido", you have the option of converting invested funds into an additional credit limit, without the need for an additional credit analysis.

Basically, if you invest R$7,000, this same amount will be available for purchases, being stored as RDB (Bank Deposit Receipt).

To activate this function, simply access "My Limits" in the credit card area of ​​the application, select "Nu Limite Garantido", enter the desired amount and confirm the operation.

Everything about the "Build Limit" function

On the other hand, "Build Limit" allows you to reserve an amount from your Nubank account to increase your credit card limit.

This amount, even though it does not generate income, will be released to increase your credit limit in the financial application.

In the same "My Limits" area, you can select a reservation amount, accept the terms and conditions and confirm the operation with the 4-digit password.

Nubank virtual card has contactless payments

In addition to increasing your credit limit, Nubank offers the possibility of using the virtual card for online purchases and contactless payments.

Add your virtual card to your digital wallet (Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) and take advantage of this facility.

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Money in the account during Carnival!

Nubank’s innovations reflect the bank’s intention to always offer financial control and satisfaction to its customers.

With these new features, you can enjoy Carnival with a higher credit limit and all the convenience of contactless payment. Ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity?

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