Will CadÚnico beneficiaries be visited by surprise? Find out everything!

The federal government will send CadÚnico workers to the homes of those enrolled in the program. Understand the reason for this visit!

Did you know that the Single Registry (CadÚnico) is planning surprise visits to its beneficiaries? That’s right! So it’s good for people to pay attention.

This initiative aims to verify and update user information, ensuring data accuracy and the adequate distribution of social benefits. Therefore, if you are part of CadÚnico, it is important to be prepared for these visits.

Are you registered with CadÚnico? So be prepared, as you may receive visits from professionals there! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Why is CadÚnico carrying out visits?

In principle, the objective of these visits is to ensure that social benefits reach those who really need them.

By confirming the information provided by beneficiaries, CadÚnico can improve the management and effectiveness of social programs.

Understand Active Search

In short, CadÚnico’s active search is a strategy implemented to identify and register low-income families that may be eligible for social programs, but are not yet registered.

This process involves teams going to underserved communities, rural areas and remote regions to find these families, offering them information about available benefits and assisting with the application process.

Overall, this proactive approach aims to ensure that support reaches those who need it most, reducing social inequalities and promoting inclusion.

What to expect during your CadÚnico visit?

During the visit, a CadÚnico representative may request confirmation of information such as address, family composition, income, among others. In other words, it is an opportunity for you to update your data and clarify any doubts.

How to prepare?

To avoid surprises, keep your documents and information always updated in the CadÚnico system. Have identification documents for all family members and proof of income and residence on hand.

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Furthermore, being transparent and providing accurate information is crucial. Remember that social benefits are intended to support those who need it most, and the accuracy of data contributes to the fairness and efficiency of these programs.

CadÚnico’s surprise visits are a measure to strengthen social programs and ensure that support reaches those who really need it.

Therefore, keeping your data updated and being prepared for these visits is essential to continue enjoying the benefits offered.

What are the CadÚnico rules?

Now, CadÚnico rules determine that eligible families must have a per capita monthly income of up to half a minimum wage or a total family income of up to three minimum wages.

Furthermore, it is necessary to update the data in the system every two years or whenever there is a significant change in the family situation, such as birth, death or change of address.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension of benefits. CadÚnico also requires the presentation of documents that prove the information provided during registration.

How do I sign up for CadÚnico?

Finally, to register with CadÚnico, the family must look for the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or another municipal body designated for this purpose.

It is necessary to bring identification documents for all family members, such as ID, CPF, birth or marriage certificate and proof of residence and income.

A family responsible, preferably a woman, over 16 years of age, with identification documents, must represent the family during the registration process, providing the necessary information for registration in the system.

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