Why are they putting the meat board in the fridge?

Do you have the habit of storing your meat board in the fridge too? See why people do this!

Have you ever heard of the tip of putting the cutting board in the fridge? At first glance, it may seem somewhat unusual, but this practice hides surprising benefits for your kitchen.

In fact, every weird custom starts with some kind of belief that seems to work. Let’s understand if keeping the item in the refrigerator is one of these cases or if it is just another belief!

Have you ever heard of the custom of storing the meat board in the refrigerator? Find out why people do this! / Photo: publicity

What types of boards are there?

Firstly, it is interesting to find out what types of cutting boards are available and the difference between them, which can influence the reason why people keep them in the fridge.

Overall, cutting boards are essential in the kitchen, but not all are created equal. The choice of material influences both durability and food safety. Check out!


Firstly, they are durable and less harmful to knife blades. Denser woods, like bamboo, are less porous, reducing the risk of bacteria. However, they require more maintenance, such as mineral oil to prevent cracking.


Next, these are lightweight and easy to clean, dishwasher safe. However, knives can create grooves that harbor bacteria. It is recommended to replace them more frequently.

Glass or stone

These are hygienic and easy to clean, but can quickly dull knife blades and are prone to impact damage.


Finally, considered a more sustainable option, it is resistant and has natural antibacterial properties. It requires similar care to wood.

Use the ideal type of cutting board for the right occasion!

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, varying in strength, maintenance and impact on the knives.

The choice should consider the intended use, frequency of cleaning and personal preference regarding sustainability and food safety.

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Reasons to store your cutting board in the fridge

Now that you know all the different types of cutting boards, see which ones can go in the refrigerator and why this usually happens. You will be surprised!

High conservation and improved hygiene

Initially, placing the cutting board in the refrigerator after cleaning can be an effective strategy to ensure it remains bacteria-free.

In short, the cold environment of the refrigerator helps to slow the growth of microorganisms that can grow on damp surfaces or that have come into contact with food, especially raw meat.

Prepare food in advance

Furthermore, for those who like to be organized and prepare ingredients in advance, placing the cutting board in the refrigerator with the food already cut and separated can be a practical way to optimize time in the kitchen.

This allows the ingredients to remain fresh until use, without losing their properties.

Tips for taking good care of your cutting board

When opting for this practice, make sure the board is very clean and dry before placing it in the refrigerator.

Furthermore, it is important to store it in a way that it does not contaminate other foods, using appropriate containers or properly separating it inside the refrigerator.

Remember, small habits in the kitchen can make a big difference in the quality and safety of the food we prepare.

So, try this tip and see how something so simple can bring benefits to your daily culinary routine!

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