Who are the Brazilians who will receive a minimum benefit of R$600 this Thursday (25); see the list

Find out who are the Bolsa Família beneficiaries who will receive the minimum benefit of R$600 today! Check out the complete list and understand how the program helps Brazilian families.

The Bolsa Família Program is a government initiative widely recognized for its fundamental role in offering financial assistance to families in situations of economic vulnerability throughout Brazil.

This month, anxiety increases as the minimum benefit of R$600 is gradually released, following the program’s official calendar.

Even today, Thursday, January 25th, is an important milestone for a specific group of beneficiaries with final NIS 5, who will finally see financial relief arrive. See more details below.

Minimum benefit of R$600 paid to Bolsa Família beneficiaries with final NIS 5 this Thursday. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

What is the Bolsa Família payment schedule in January?

First of all, it is worth highlighting that Bolsa Família is one of the pillars of social support in the country, aiming to ensure that families in need have basic conditions for a dignified life.

The Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger (MDS) established a monthly calendar for Bolsa Família payments, expected to be made in the last ten working days of each month.

In January 2024, deposits are scheduled to occur between the 18th and 31st, providing crucial financial relief to countless families.

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How is Bolsa Família payment defined?

To ensure that the payment process occurs in an organized and fair manner, Bolsa Família adopts the order of the final digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS).

At the beginning of this month, the first group to benefit was those with final NIS 1. Today is the day of celebration for beneficiaries with final NIS 5, who will finally have access to the long-awaited financial support.

In short, this equitable distribution of benefits is a strategy to ensure that all beneficiaries receive assistance effectively.

Is it possible to receive more than the minimum benefit?

Namely, Bolsa Família goes beyond the minimum benefit of R$600. The program also provides additional benefits, which play an important role in improving families’ quality of life.

In this sense, in addition to the minimum benefit, the program offers R$150 per child up to 6 years of age, R$50 for pregnant women and children and adolescents aged 7 to 17, and an additional R$50 per child up to six months of age.

In principle, these additional amounts reflect the program’s commitment to supporting child development and maternal health.

Bolsa Família calendar for January 2024

For those who are eager to know when they will receive the benefit this month, check out the Bolsa Família calendar for January 2024:

Final NIS: 1 – payment on 18/1Final NIS: 2 – payment on 19/1Final NIS: 3 – payment on 22/1Final NIS: 4 – payment on 23/1Final NIS: 5 – payment on 24/ 1Final of NIS: 6 – payment on 25/1Final of NIS: 7 – payment on 26/1Final of NIS: 8 – payment on 29/1Final of NIS: 9 – payment on 30/1Final of NIS: 0 – payment on 31/ 1

Finally, it is important to highlight that Bolsa Família plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the well-being of thousands of families across Brazil.

The program not only alleviates financial difficulties, but also contributes significantly to reducing social inequalities.

Through this initiative, the government reaffirms its commitment to offering support to citizens who need it most, providing hope and a better quality of life for countless Brazilian families.

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