WhatsApp Beta and new features; see how to ACTIVATE!

WhatsApp Beta has different features for those who want to know the news before others. Find out how to use it too!

Anyone who is a fan of technology will be excited about the exciting new feature for WhatsApp Beta users.

The version, which constantly brings benefits to those who choose it, has brought more interesting features. Check out!

Have you already used WhatsApp Beta? See what news can arrive early for you! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

After all, what is WhatsApp Beta?

In principle, WhatsApp Beta is an experimental version of the WhatsApp application, used to test new features before they are released in the standard version, known as normal WhatsApp.

This way, WhatsApp Beta users have early access to features still in development, allowing them to test and provide feedback.

On the other hand, the normal version of WhatsApp is more stable, containing features that have already been tested and approved.

While the Beta may be buggy and unstable due to its experimental nature, the regular version offers a more polished and reliable experience for everyday use.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Beta, always at the forefront, introduced an incredible feature for sharing files with people nearby.

This functionality, available in version 2.24.220, promises to make exchanging files between Android users practical, fast and, most importantly, safe!

Fast and safer sharing mode

Imagine being able to easily transfer files up to 2 GB to anyone nearby, without worrying about the security of that data.

The new WhatsApp Beta feature comes with the already known end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your information remains protected.

Furthermore, the functionality promises to be intuitive: just shake the device to start sharing. Easy, isn’t it?

No connectivity limit

One of the great advantages of this new feature is the possibility of transfer between different platforms.

This means you’ll be able to share files between Android and PCs running Windows or Chrome OS, and hopefully soon between Android and iOS.

This functionality puts WhatsApp Beta one step ahead of other sharing solutions that do not yet offer this interoperability.

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WhatsApp prepares verified seal for companies

Furthermore, WhatsApp is about to offer a new option for companies: the possibility of obtaining a verification badge for their in-app channels, without the need for the WhatsApp Business API.

This change, revealed by website WABetaInfo, means that businesses can now apply for the coveted green verification badge through a Meta Verified subscription.

There is still no information about the associated cost or specific benefits of having a verified account, but adding the badge will be optional and only available to companies with WhatsApp channels.

This innovation offers an expansion in verification options, representing an alternative beyond the WhatsApp Business API.

The functionality is still under development and has not been implemented to date. The new verification seal on WhatsApp channels will help identify official accounts of companies, brands and the press, and may help reduce the creation of fake or impostor accounts.

Learn how to pin specific messages in conversations

Finally, users can pin up to three conversations at the top of the app’s list, keeping them visible even when new messages are received.

On iOS, just swipe the conversation to the right and click "pin"; On Android, you need to tap and hold on the chat and select the pin icon.

Additionally, it is possible to pin texts, images, polls, emojis and documents in individual or group chats.

Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp allows you to pin a message for a limited period of 24 hours, 7 or 30 days.

To pin a message, simply press it and select "pin", setting the desired duration. These features simplify managing important messages and help keep conversations organized.

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