Vision Pro and Mac: A virtual future

Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s next-generation spatial computing device, will soon be released, and its interoperability with Mac promises a revolutionary experience. Although there are still aspects to be detailed about how they will work together, here is what we know so far.

The integration of Apple Vision Pro with Mac is marking a before and after in the industry, offering a virtual workspace that redefines efficiency and comfort in professional workflows.

Apple Vision Pro features with Mac

Virtual Mac Desktop: Using AirPlay 2, the Apple Vision Pro allows you to connect your Mac wirelessly, creating a virtual representation of your Mac desktop. This feature turns it into a large, portable, private display, ideal for workflows professionals. visionOS apps alongside your Mac: With Mac Virtual Desktop enabled, you can use visionOS apps alongside your virtual Mac display, allowing for efficient multitasking and an enhanced experience. Mirror Vision Pro content on Mac: Vision Pro lets you share your view with others via AirPlay or FaceTime, making it easier to collaborate and reduce feelings of isolation. Connecting Mac Accessories: Mac accessories, such as the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, can be connected to the Vision Pro for more traditional touch input.

Potential limitations

Organizing Mac Applications in Virtual Space: Currently, it does not appear possible to organize Mac applications individually in virtual windows in the Vision Pro’s spatial computing environment. Creating Multiple Virtual Desktops: The first-generation Vision Pro will likely only support desktop mirroring. integrated display on your Mac, without the option to extend the display or recreate a multi-monitor setup. Connecting with Intel Macs: Only Macs with Apple silicon will likely be compatible with Vision Pro, given the need for higher processing performance.

Conclusions and future expectations

Although the Apple Vision Pro and its integration with Mac still have certain limitations and unknowns, the current and future capabilities are promising. The combination of both devices points towards a new horizon in spatial computing, transforming the way we interact with our machines and our work environment.

The Apple Vision Pro will be available for pre-order on January 19 and will go on sale in the US on February 2.

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