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The INSS has already revealed the payment dates for this month’s benefits. If you want to know which ones to plan, keep following the article!

2024 arrived with significant news for INSS beneficiaries. With the announcement of new values ​​and an updated payment calendar, it is crucial to be aware of the changes to plan the year with peace of mind. In this article, we will detail what has changed, including adjustments to benefit values ​​and specific payment dates.

If you are retired, a pensioner or depend on some INSS benefit, this reading is essential. Let’s find out together how these updates impact your financial life in 2024. Stay informed and prepared!

The INSS January payment calendar has finally been released. Check the benefit delivery dates! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

New INSS payment calendar

The INSS payment calendar for 2024 is now available, bringing important dates for those who depend on these resources. Beneficiaries who receive a minimum wage will start receiving them from January 25th, while those with income above the national minimum wage will receive them from February 1st. Check out.

A minimum wage

NIS ending in 1: payment on January 25th;NIS ending in 2: payment on January 26th;NIS ending in 3: payment on January 29th;NIS ending in 4: payment on January 30th;NIS with ending on 5: payment on January 31;NIS ending on 6: payment on February 1;NIS ending on 7: payment on February 2;NIS ending on 8: payment on February 5;NIS ending on 9: payment on February 6th;NIS ending in 0: payment on February 7th.

More than one salary

NIS ending on the 1st and 6th: payment on February 1st;NIS ending on the 2nd and 7th: payment on February 2nd;NIS ending on the 3rd and 8th: payment on February 5th;NIS ending on the 4th and 9th: payment on February 6th; NIS ending on 5 and 0: payment on February 7th.

Adjustments to INSS values

This year, the minimum wage was adjusted, which directly impacts the values ​​of INSS benefits. The new base value for retirements and pensions is R$1,412, an increase of 8.4% compared to the previous year. As for the benefit ceiling, there was an adjustment of 3.71%, raising the maximum to R$7,786.01. These increases are a reflection of economic changes and the inflation rate, aiming to preserve the purchasing power of beneficiaries.

How the INSS adjustment is calculated

The calculation of the adjustment for benefits above the minimum follows the increase in the INPC (National Consumer Price Index), proportional to the time it took to receive the benefit. For example, a beneficiary who receives R$2,300 since May 2023 will have an adjustment to R$2,328.98, applying the proportional adjustment rate of 1.26%. These calculations ensure that the amount received fits current economic conditions.

Impact of changes on beneficiaries

It is estimated that around 39 million people benefit from the INSS, with the majority receiving the minimum wage and a significant portion above it. These changes in the value of benefits directly impact the budget of these families, especially in a scenario of inflation and economic changes. Therefore, understanding these changes is essential for effective financial planning.

INSS 2024: who is entitled to benefits this month?

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is responsible for a series of fundamental social benefits for millions of Brazilians. This month, as in all others, the INSS makes payments available to specific groups of beneficiaries. Let's understand who is entitled to these benefits now:

Retirees and pensioners; Aid beneficiaries; Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC); Maternity pay; Special policyholders.

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