updated disease list, new retirement age and more

If you are a beneficiary of the organization, or are about to retire, stay tuned for INSS bombs in January! New features even include a new minimum retirement age.

January 2024 brought with it impactful changes to the INSS, directly affecting the lives of millions of Brazilians. At this crucial time, it is essential to be well informed about what is happening.

Therefore, the question arises: how can these "bombs" change the situation of policyholders? Let’s delve deeper into the announced changes and understand how they will impact you.

INSS and the bombs for January: updated list of diseases, new retirement age and more. Credit: plasticaxe.

Bombs at INSS in January: List of diseases

The INSS made an important update to the list of illnesses that allow retirement without the need to prove the minimum need for sickness benefit or retirement.

This list, established by the Social Security Benefit Plans Law of 1991, is updated every three years by the Ministry of Health and Social Security.

What diseases are on the list?

The diseases included are considered serious and require individualized treatment. Some of the illnesses that now qualify for retirement include active tuberculosis, leprosy, schizophrenia, recurrent depressive disorder, borderline disorder, bipolar affective disorder, mental and behavioral disorders due to alcohol use, and disorders due to cocaine use.

Discover the new retirement age

A significant change is the new retirement age. This change directly affects the retirement plans of many workers. Understanding the details of this new rule is vital for anyone planning their retirement or already in the process.

In 2024, the minimum retirement age will be 58 years and 6 months for women. For men, the minimum age will be 63 years and 6 months. Contribution time, from the same point of view. becomes 30 years for women and 35 for men

INSS bombs in January: New contribution table

The government announced the new worker contribution table in the Official Gazette of the Union. This change affects formal workers, employers of domestic workers, public servants and individual contributors to the INSS.

The new values, which are deducted from the February payment, vary according to the worker’s salary range.

What does the new contribution table look like?

For workers with a formal contract, the contribution to the INSS will be at least R$105.90 per month. Self-employed people who provide services to individuals can contribute 11% of the minimum wage. This payment only entitles you to retirement based on age and in the amount of the minimum wage.

There is also the option for self-employed people to contribute at a rate of 20% on top of a value that must be between the minimum wage and the INSS ceiling.

Low-income housewives will have a contribution value of R$70.60 in 2024, equivalent to 5% of the national minimum, which also only gives access to retirement based on age. It is important to highlight that this category has other guaranteed benefits, just as in the INSS simplified plan.

Keep an eye on INSS changes!

These changes to the INSS in January 2024 are crucial and require attention. The update to the list of diseases, the change in the retirement age and the new contribution table reflect an evolution in the Brazilian social security system, seeking to better meet the needs of the population.

For citizens, these changes mean the need for more attentive financial and pension planning adapted to the new rules.

It is vital to stay informed and seek professional guidance if necessary to fully understand how these changes may individually affect retirement and other INSS benefits. Find out more on the agency’s official website: www.meu.inss.gov.br.

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