Updated consignable margin for INSS policyholders; see what changes

Recently, the consignable margin for those who are INSS insured has undergone changes. Check out what has changed!

Have you heard about the new INSS consignable margin for 2024?

It’s something new that can make all the difference in your monthly budget, especially if you are retired or an INSS pensioner. Come find out more!

Need to take out a loan? Check the current values ​​of the INSS consignable margin / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How does the new consignable margin affect policyholders?

The year 2024 brought excellent news for retirees and pensioners: the increase in the minimum wage resulted in a greater margin for loans.

This means that it is now possible to take out a larger loan amount. Imagine the possibilities that open up with this change!

Understand the granting of the new consignable margin

Initially, the new consignable margin, which has been in force since the beginning of 2024, was influenced by the adjustment in INSS benefits.

Now, retirees and pensioners have a consignable margin of 45%, distributed as follows: 35% for consigned loans and 10% divided between consigned credit card and consigned benefit card.

For example, with the minimum wage of R$1,412, the margin increased to R$635.40, which is 45% of this value.

Who can take advantage of the change?

In short, this opportunity is aimed at INSS retirees and pensioners, as well as public servants and employees of partner companies.

So if you fall into one of these categories, it’s time to consider the new possibilities that this greater margin offers.

How do I know how much margin I have available?

It’s simple to check your freed consignable margin. Access the Meu INSS portal (and, with your CPF and password, see all the details on active, suspended, excluded or closed loans on the payroll loan statement.

This increase in the consignable margin opens doors for you, retired or pensioner, to have more financial flexibility.

It could be the ideal time to plan that project that was on hold or simply better organize your personal finances.

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Discover the two types of loans for INSS policyholders

In general, anyone who is retired or an INSS pensioner may be entitled to a series of benefits and one of them is loans.

That said, there are some modalities that better fit the payment model of these beneficiaries. Check out what they are.

Payroll loan

Firstly, this is the most popular option among retirees and pensioners. In this modality, the loan installments are deducted directly from the monthly benefit.

The main advantage is that, due to this direct discount, interest rates are often lower compared to other forms of credit.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to have a guarantor and the payment period may be longer. The consignable margin, that is, the maximum that can be committed from the benefit to pay the loan, is regulated by the INSS.

Personal loan

Finally, this modality is not directly linked to the INSS benefit. The retiree or pensioner requests credit from a financial institution and directly negotiates the conditions, such as interest rates, payment period and value of the installments.

Generally, personal loans have higher interest rates and shorter payment terms, compared to payroll loans.

Both options require a careful analysis of the conditions offered by financial institutions, including interest rates, payment terms and the borrower’s ability to meet payments without compromising their financial health.

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