Unemployment insurance has new values; check out the full table

Find out how the new unemployment insurance values ​​in 2024 affect Brazilian workers. Check out the complete table of updated benefits.

Unemployment insurance is an important benefit offered by the federal government, providing financial support to workers who have been fired without cause and meet the necessary requirements.

For the year 2024, new values ​​were implemented in the unemployment insurance table, which accompany the adjustment of the national minimum wage.

In the lines below, we’ll take a closer look at these updated values.

Discover the changes to the unemployment insurance table for this year and how they impact beneficiaries. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

How does unemployment insurance work?

Namely, unemployment insurance comes from the Workers’ Support Fund (FAT), being managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, which makes payments to beneficiaries.

The period for receiving unemployment insurance varies from three to five consecutive installments, depending on the length of work and the rules established for eligibility.

What do I need to apply for unemployment insurance?

In short, to request the benefit, workers must meet certain criteria, such as having worked for a minimum period with a formal contract under the CLT regime.

The rules vary for those who are applying for unemployment insurance for the first time, the second time or in subsequent situations, with different waiting periods.

What does the unemployment insurance table look like for 2024?

Every year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security updates the unemployment insurance table based on the adjustment of the national minimum wage.

In other words, it means that the value of the benefit is directly affected by the worker’s minimum wage and average wage.

For the year 2024, the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) released the values ​​based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) accumulated in 2023, which closed last year at 3.71%.

In principle, this update is essential to ensure that unemployment insurance continues to meet the needs of beneficiaries.

2024 table

The unemployment insurance table for 2024 defines the installment values ​​according to average salary ranges. Here is the complete table:

Up to R$ 2,041.39: The average salary is multiplied by 0.8 (80%). From R$ 2,041.40 to R$ 3,402.65: What exceeds R$ 2,042.40 is multiplied by 0, 5 (50%) and adds up to R$ 1,633.10. Above R$ 3,402.66: The value will be the ceiling of R$ 2,313.74.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the value of the unemployment insurance installment cannot be lower than the current minimum wage, which is currently R$1,412.

The calculation of the value of the installments is based on the average salary of the three months prior to the worker’s dismissal.

Safety for workers

Unemployment insurance is an important safety net for workers facing unfair dismissal.

Updating the table for 2024 ensures that the benefit continues to follow the country’s economic changes and provides adequate support to beneficiaries.

It is essential that workers know the eligibility criteria and the value table to know what they can expect when applying for unemployment insurance.

In this way, the program fulfills its role of providing financial assistance during a challenging professional transition period.

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