Understand the CLOSURE of Bolsa Família deposits: what exactly happened?

Find out more about the closure of Bolsa Família deposits in January and the new rules for beneficiaries in February. Stay informed about payment dates and essential obligations.

Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) closed Bolsa Família deposits for the month of January this Wednesday, January 31, marking the end of another payment cycle for this important social assistance program in Brazil.

However, this closure raises some crucial questions that need to be understood by beneficiaries and the general population.

Next, we will explore in detail what happened with the closure of Bolsa Família deposits, the rules and obligations for beneficiaries, who is entitled to the benefit in February and the payment schedule for this next month.

Understand the changes to Bolsa Família and the obligations to continue receiving aid in February. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

January Deposit Closing: What Does It Mean?

With the end of January’s Bolsa Família deposits, Caixa Econômica Federal completes another payment cycle for this crucial program for many low-income families in Brazil.

This closure is a natural part of the Bolsa Família calendar and marks the end of the benefit distribution period for the previous month.

However, the transition to next month brings with it some changes and obligations that beneficiaries should be aware of.

Rules and obligations for beneficiaries in February

To continue receiving Bolsa Família in February, beneficiary families must fulfill certain commitments in the areas of health and education.

These obligations aim to guarantee the well-being of families and the adequate development of their children. In principle, the main rules include:

Prenatal Monitoring: Pregnant women must undergo regular prenatal monitoring to ensure a healthy pregnancy. National Vaccination Calendar: It is important to monitor vaccination dates according to the national calendar to protect children and prevent diseases. Monitoring Nutritional Status : It is essential to monitor the nutritional status of children under 7 years of age to ensure their adequate growth and development. School Attendance: Children aged 4 to 5 years must have a minimum school attendance of 60%, while beneficiaries aged 6 to 18 years old must complete Those who have not completed basic education must have a minimum attendance of 75%. Updating the Single Registry: Keeping the Single Registry updated is essential to ensure continued eligibility for the program, and this must be done at least every 24 months.

Who is entitled to Bolsa Família in February?

Namely, Bolsa Família is aimed at families with a monthly income of up to R$218 per person. This means that the sum of the income of all family members, divided by the number of people, must be less than R$218.

To illustrate, let’s consider the case of a single mother with three young children who earns R$800 per month as a day laborer. This R$800 represents the family’s only source of income.

Dividing R$800 (total income) by four (number of people in the family), we obtain a value of R$200, which is below the limit of R$218. Therefore, this mother and her three children are entitled to receive the Bolsa Family.

February Bolsa Família Calendar

To facilitate planning for beneficiary families, the Bolsa Família payment calendar for February is now available for consultation.

Payment dates are organized according to the end of the beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS). Check the dates:

NIS final 1: February 16;NIS final 2: February 19;NIS final 3: February 20;NIS final 4: February 21;NIS final 5: February 22;NIS final 6: February 23;NIS final 7: February 26th; NIS end 8: February 27th; NIS end 9: February 28th; NIS end 0: February 29th.

With this information, Bolsa Família beneficiary families can prepare to receive aid according to the established calendar, ensuring the necessary financial support for their basic needs.

Finally, it is essential that everyone is aware of the program’s rules and obligations to continue receiving this important social benefit.

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