Uber terror started in 2024? Union of two giants could be the final card against the platform!

The arrival of new competitors is a real terror for Uber in Brazil! Find out everything about the new feature that could result in the end of the application.

In a world where speed and convenience are king, Uber has revolutionized the way we move around cities. But as we head into 2024, it appears the transportation giant faces challenges that could shake its throne.

Rumors of strategic unions, new driver incentive policies and legal battles emerge as the possible "Uber terror". We’ll explain everything you need to know about this story and discover what’s happening behind the scenes of this urban revolution.

Uber terror started in 2024? Union of two giants could be the final card against the platform! Credit: Reproduction.

Uber’s undisputed success in Brazil

Before we explore the current challenges, it is worth highlighting Uber’s impressive success in Brazil. The company not only brought a new perspective to urban transport, but also became a symbol of innovation and practicality.

With just a few taps on their smartphones, Brazilians found a reliable and affordable way to get around, transforming Uber into an almost indispensable presence in their daily lives in cities.

Rota99 is Uber’s new terror

Uber’s rival, 99, is not falling behind in the race for innovation. Recently, the company announced a test of a new loyalty program called Rota99, which is currently in the testing phase in the cities of Curitiba and Campinas.

This program promises four phases of benefits, with increasing rewards for drivers who are most dedicated to the platform. A smart strategy to keep drivers engaged and, at the same time, offer an even higher quality service to users.

99’s trump cards

In addition to Rota99, 99 has implemented a Guaranteed Rate policy of up to 19.99% for drivers who carry out more than 10 weekly rides through the platform.

This is a clear demonstration of how 99 is investing in keeping its drivers happy and loyal, something that could put Uber in a challenging position in the market.

Another terror for Uber: Legal battle

The scenario becomes even more intriguing with the legal battle involving Uber, AMASP (Association of Application Drivers of the State of São Paulo) and Stop Club.

Uber lost an injunction that prevented the StopClub app from operating, but intends to appeal the decision.

In the meantime, the app can operate normally. AMASP, representing more than 30 thousand drivers, joined forces with Stop Club, showing that the union can be a powerful force against giants like Uber.

What does Stop Club say?

Luiz Gustavo Neves, co-founder of Stop Club, expressed himself emphatically: "We will continue to defend our tools, which help thousands of app drivers every day. AMASP will be an important ally throughout this process."

This statement highlights Stop Club’s determination to maintain its operation and support drivers, reinforcing the union with AMASP as a strategic and significant movement.

Big impact for customers!

These changes and legal disputes could have a significant impact on Uber customers and the ride-hailing market as a whole.

The union of forces such as Stop Club and AMASP, together with the innovations implemented by 99, could represent a significant change in the balance of power in the sector.

Customers, accustomed to Uber’s convenience and efficiency, may be tempted to try alternatives that offer additional benefits or are more in line with their expectations and needs.

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