Uber, 99 and the mass blocking of drivers and bikers; understand!

Recently, the mass blocking of app workers scared many drivers and bikers. Understand the reasons!

Nowadays it is not uncommon to find drivers and bikers who have started working for delivery and ride-hailing apps. However, a new controversy is emerging between them, regarding a mass blockade. Understand!

Are you part of the app driver class? See the latest news about the apps and understand the controversy! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

In the current scenario, transport apps, such as Uber and 99, play a crucial role in urban mobility, connecting passengers to drivers quickly and efficiently.

However, the increase in driver blocking has raised concerns for both users and the professionals involved.

Faced with this reality, the platforms announced the implementation of three immediate measures aimed at safety and justice in the process of selecting and maintaining their employees.

Platforms' priority is security

Initially, security has always been one of the biggest concerns for transport applications.

In light of recent events, Uber and 99 decided to intensify their policies, putting the safety of passengers and drivers first.

This decision reflects the companies’ commitment to offering a safe and reliable environment for everyone involved.

Measures to fix the situation for drivers

In light of this, it is important that drivers understand three criteria:

Firstly, blocking occurs for security reasons. In other words, when this happens, they must go to Uber’s headquarters to show that they are the ones behind the accounts; Then, those who are suffering most from the bans are the bikers; Finally, those who do not go to the center as soon as possible quickly as possible they may end up being banned from platforms.

Therefore, it is important that drivers stay alert so they know what to do.

It is important that everyone helps each other

In this context of changes and improvements, mutual collaboration between drivers, passengers and the platforms themselves emerges as a key element.

Therefore, it is essential that everyone involved understands the importance of their responsibilities and contributes to a safer and more pleasant transport environment.

After all, can Uber passengers sit in the front seat?

In short, the possibility of choosing the front seat on Uber trips generates curiosity among passengers, especially considering comfort and personal preference.

However, it is important to highlight that the decision on which seat to occupy must be guided by respect for safety standards and mutual understanding between driver and passenger.

In specific situations, such as the need for more space or for health reasons, clear communication can help find the best solution for both.

Therefore, although there may be flexibility, the choice of the front seat must be treated with consideration, always prioritizing safety and shared well-being on the trip.

99 allows drivers and passengers to negotiate rides

Finally, 99 introduced an innovation in the app transportation market by allowing drivers and passengers to negotiate the price of the ride directly with each other.

This flexibility promotes a more dynamic and personalized interaction, adapting to the needs and possibilities of each user.

This feature can be particularly useful in times of high demand or on routes that do not meet the usual standards, enabling agreements that benefit both parties.

The change reflects an evolution in the sector, seeking greater satisfaction and convenience for users and service providers and highlights 99 as an innovative company, attentive to market demands and willing to try new solutions to improve the urban transport experience.

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