TV Box invaded by hackers? Anatel issues ANNOUNCEMENT for Brazilians

Hackers have a party with the TV Box! Find out everything about the very important statement that has just been issued by Anatel, and be careful!

In today’s digital world, where technology is an extension of our lives, alarming news has just arrived: Anatel has issued a warning about TV Boxes invaded by hackers in Brazil.

Such crucial information directly impacts the security and privacy of millions of Brazilians. To check the details of this announcement and understand what this means for you, TV Box user, just continue reading our article.

TV Box is invaded by hackers! Credit: Reproduction.

What is TV Box?

Firstly, it is essential to understand what a TV Box is. These products, after all, are very successful with the national public.

A TV Box is a device that transforms any television into a Smart TV, allowing access to the internet, streaming platforms and pay TV channels through the internet signal.

Due to their functionality and convenience, TV Boxes have become popular in Brazil. However, not all are safe.

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More than 1 million TV Boxes are invaded by hackers!

That’s right: Anatel, the telecommunications regulatory agency in Brazil, has just issued a very important warning for Brazilian consumers who use TV Box devices.

According to the agency, approximately 1.3 million illegal TV Box devices in Brazil were invaded by hackers. These devices are part of a botnet, a network of infected devices used to carry out illegal activities, such as data theft and invasion of protected systems.

Where are invasions most frequent?

The complaint, initially carried out by a Chinese research center, indicates that the largest concentration of infected devices is in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Other states, such as Alagoas, Paraíba, Tocantins, Amazonas, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Sergipe, also have compromised devices.

Why are TV Boxes vulnerable to hackers?

The vulnerability of these devices is associated with the lack of certification by Anatel, particularly in pirated products.

Illegal devices, although popular for offering free access to paid content, do not have adequate security mechanisms. This feature facilitates the invasion of malware, exposing consumers to significant risks.

How to protect the TV Box from hackers?

Faced with this worrying scenario, Artur Coimbra, advisor to Anatel, advises consumers to immediately discard infected devices. He emphasizes the importance of purchasing TV Boxes certified by Anatel to guarantee the safety and legality of the product.

Even devices that operate with Android TV are not safe. The absence of specific protection mechanisms allows hackers to remotely access and control devices and potentially the user’s entire home network.

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Anatel’s warning about TV Boxes invaded by hackers is a crucial reminder about the importance of digital security.

In this increasingly connected world, being aware of the sources and legality of the devices we use in our daily lives is always a good idea.

To check more information, just access Anatel's official website:

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