TV Box and the hacker controversy: be CAREFUL!

Great controversy surrounds TV Box sets! Understand what is happening, and see if your information is at the mercy of hackers and criminals.

Currently, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, bringing with it facilities and also vulnerabilities. In this scenario, the latest concern falls on TV Box users.

This device, which has quickly become popular due to its ability to transform ordinary televisions into Smart TVs, is now at the center of a controversy involving digital security.

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What is TV Box? Is the device illegal?

TV Box is a device that allows you to transform any TV into a Smart TV, providing access to various streaming platforms and other internet-related features.

However, the use of TV Boxes not authorized by ANATEL may present significant risks for users.

Although they are not illegal in themselves, unauthorized versions of these devices can make users’ security vulnerable.

A report released by ESET, a company specialized in detecting virtual threats, revealed that cybercriminals have invaded devices in Brazil, Mexico and Peru using malicious applications distributed on TV Boxes.

These attacks resulted in more than 2,000 denial of service (DDoS) incidents by criminals, mainly affecting users of streaming applications on sites such as Tele Latino, You Cine and Magis TV, among others.

How Do Hackers Operate?

Hackers use Trojan Horse malware linked to Mirai, a known botnet, to take control of TV Box devices.

Once infected, devices are used to orchestrate DDoS attacks, in addition to enabling criminals to steal user information, send spam and execute other types of malicious commands.

In other words: in addition to stealing information from users, criminals can also impersonate victims to find new targets.

Alert for TV Box users!

The attacks were mainly concentrated in Latin American countries, with Brazil, Mexico and Peru being most affected.

Notably, the majority of malicious pages are in Spanish, which requires extra attention from users in these countries.

Even so, many scams also tend to happen in Brazil, since in several cases, the activities of pirate TV Box companies do not only cover a certain country, but all territories in the region in question.

How to protect yourself?

The current situation of TV Boxes reveals a worrying scenario in terms of digital security. While these devices offer convenience and access to a world of entertainment, they also open the door to risks that cannot be ignored.

It is critical that users are aware of these dangers and take steps to protect their information and devices. The best measure, of course, is to stop using pirated devices and purchase TV Boxes duly registered by Anatel.

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