Traffic fine of R$ 1,467.35 starts to be valid in January; Be careful, driver!

Thousands of Brazilian drivers are at risk of getting a hefty traffic fine! New CTB infraction is already causing victims across the country; check out!

Attention, drivers! A new traffic fine comes into force this month and it is essential to be aware of it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

From January 24, 2024, drivers committing the infraction in question will be penalized with a fine of almost R$1,500.

This measure, defined by DETRAN in 2023, aims to reinforce safety on Brazilian roads and roads. Check out more details below!

Traffic fine of R$ 1,467.35 starts to be valid in January; Be careful, driver! Credit: plasticaxe.

Who defines traffic fines?

Before we delve into the specifics of this new fine, it is important to understand the role of the National Traffic Council (Contran) in defining traffic fines.

Contran is the highest normative and consultative body of the National Traffic System, responsible for establishing the guidelines for national traffic policy.

Traffic fines are one of the tools used by Contran to ensure safety on the roads, regulating driver behavior and punishing infractions.

Everything about the new traffic fine

The fine that comes into force in January 2024 penalizes drivers caught driving cargo, trailer or passenger vehicles with a toxicological test that was more than 30 days old.

According to the legislation, this infraction is considered very serious, with a value of R$ 1,467.35, in addition to the sum of seven points on the National Driving License (CNH) of drivers in categories C, D and E.

Why is the fine important?

The purpose of imposing this fine is to increase traffic safety. The toxicological test, mandatory for professional drivers, checks the presence of psychoactive substances, such as alcohol, illicit drugs and controlled medications, in the driver’s body.

According to the Ministry of Health, the use of drugs and alcohol is one of the main risk factors for traffic accidents in Brazil, being responsible for around 20% of accidents.

How to do the Toxicological Test?

To carry out the toxicological test, the driver must look for a clinic accredited by the National Traffic Department (Denatran).

The exam is carried out by collecting biological material, usually urine or hair, and the result is issued within 15 working days. It is essential that drivers in categories C, D and E take this exam periodically, as stipulated by legislation.

When should the exam be done?

The frequency with which the toxicological test must be carried out varies according to the driver’s age:

For drivers between 50 and 70 years old, the exam must be taken every five years. For drivers over 70 years old, the period is reduced to three years.

How do I appeal the new traffic fine?

If you are fined for this infraction, there is a process to appeal the penalty. Follow these steps:

Identify the traffic authority that issued the fine.Check the deadline for submitting the appeal.Prepare a reasoned appeal, explaining the reasons why you consider the fine to be unfair.Submit the appeal to the competent body within the established deadline.Wait for analysis and the result of the appeal.

Prevention and responsibility

This new traffic fine is an important reminder to all drivers about the need for prevention and responsibility behind the wheel.

Keeping your drug test up to date is not just a matter of complying with legal obligations, but also a commitment to the safety of everyone on the roads.

With this measure, it is expected that traffic in Brazil will become safer and that accidents caused by the use of psychoactive substances will be significantly reduced. Still have doubts? Visit the official CTB website to resolve all questions:

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