Top 5 scams applied in 2024: find out how to PREVENT

Criminals are always on the lookout for victims! Discover the 5 most numerous types of scams in 2024, and see how to protect yourself from scammers.

As we move into the digital age, our online security becomes more and more of a priority. The year 2024 has already shown us that scammers are adapting and improving their techniques, making it essential to be aware of the main online scams to protect yourself effectively.

In the article below, we will highlight the five main cyber threats of this year, and reveal how you can protect yourself from them. Read carefully to avoid wasting money, time and sensitive data!

Discover the top 5 scams of 2024! Credit: Reproduction.

Digital scams: An everyday reality

In today’s world, we face a reality where digital scams happen every day, affecting people in Brazil and around the world.

These scams vary in complexity and impact, but all have the potential to cause significant harm to victims.

From invasion of privacy to substantial financial losses, digital scams are a threat we cannot ignore.

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Scams in 2024: Artificial Intelligence is the key

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly common tool among scammers. They are using AI to create more sophisticated and difficult to detect phishing (information theft) techniques.

These techniques include creating fake emails and websites that are almost indistinguishable from real ones, making detecting these scams even more of a challenge.

To protect yourself, it’s crucial to maintain robust security software and stay informed about the latest phishing methods.

Attacking open source programs

Open source programs are essential for innovation, but they can also become targets for scams. Exploiting vulnerabilities in popular programs is a growing trend.

Criminals look for security holes in widely used software and exploit them to gain unauthorized access to systems and data. Keeping systems updated and monitoring security notifications is essential to prevent attacks.

New Pix scams in 2024

PIX, Brazil’s instant payment system, has also become a target for scammers. Fraud related to this platform is increasing.

Scammers may send fraudulent payment requests or create fake payment pages to deceive victims.

When carrying out transactions via PIX, always check the authenticity of the recipient, avoid clicking on unknown links and stay up to date on possible scams in circulation.

Vulnerable devices and services

Misconfigured devices and services represent a vulnerability exploited by criminals. Inadequate security settings on devices and networks can facilitate unauthorized access.

Be sure to set up strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and keep software and devices up to date to prevent these scams.

Data hijacking: A corporate scam

Ransomware, or data hijacking, remains a major threat to companies. Attackers encrypt company data and demand a ransom to unlock it.

Data loss can have devastating consequences. Preventive actions include making regular backups and training employees against phishing attacks.

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There is never too much information

Being informed and prepared is the best defense against virtual scams. Taking preventative measures like regular updates, robust online security practices, and constant vigilance are essential to protecting your finances and personal data.

In 2024, stay ahead of threats by staying protected and aware of digital risks. See other recurring scams in the video below:

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