Thunderstorms and cold front starting TODAY (19); find out everything about the forecast!

Even today, Brazil will be affected by storms, cold fronts, strong winds and electrical storms! Check the updated forecast for the weekend and see how to avoid problems.

Get ready! A cold front is arriving in Brazil, bringing with it storms and a change in the weather starting today, January 19th.

The meteorological event promises to be remarkable, with a significant change in temperatures and weather patterns. People are already asking themselves: what to expect from the climate forecast? Stay informed and prepared for what's coming next by checking out our article.

Storms and heavy rains are likely to happen in Brazil! Know everything. Credit: Reproduction.

The role of Inmet in Brazil

The National Institute of Meteorology (INMET) plays a crucial role in monitoring and informing the population about climate changes, such as the storms predicted for today.

Using advanced technology and accurate meteorological analysis, INMET provides essential alerts and updates to ensure the safety and preparedness of Brazilians in the face of severe weather events.

THIS region will be affected by storms and a cold front

As we mentioned previously, Brazil is about to suffer from strong storms and the arrival of a cold front. Beforehand, we can say that the most affected region will be the Southeast.

INMET issued a potential danger warning for storms in much of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and southern Minas Gerais.

Rainfall can reach 50 millimeters, accompanied by intense winds. The weekend promises to be unstable, with persistent rain in all states in the region.

Weather forecast for the Southeast region

To make everything more practical, we will show below the updated weather forecast for all states in the Southeast region that are expected to be affected by storms and the cold front:

São Paulo: In São Paulo, rain showers are expected from Friday morning, with alternating periods of improvement and sunshine. Temperatures can reach 30°C, but with more intense showers in the afternoon. Rio de Janeiro: In Rio de Janeiro, storms can cause flooding and flooding. The rain intensifies throughout the day, with storms that may persist.Minas Gerais: The forecast is for heavy rains during the weekend, accompanied by electrical storms in the evening.Espírito Santo: Unsurprisingly, rains are also forecast throughout the entire length of Espírito Santo, particularly on the coast.

What are the temperatures like in the region?

Amidst the rains already forecast for next week in the Southeast region, temperatures in the states are not expected to vary greatly.

The cold front will bring milder temperatures and plenty of clouds. In São Paulo, maximum temperatures should vary between 28°C and 25°C during the weekend. In Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, a gradual reduction in temperatures is also expected.

Will other regions also have storms and a cold front?

While the Southeast faces storms, other regions of Brazil will have a different climate. In the South, the rains lose strength, with maximums of 26°C in Porto Alegre and 28°C in Florianópolis.

In the Central-West, North and Northeast, the weather remains muggy, with moderate to heavy rain showers, mainly during the night.

Follow Inmet’s tips to protect yourself

The weather scenario for the next few days is one of attention and precaution. With the arrival of the cold front, a change in the weather is expected, mainly affecting the Southeast.

Stay tuned for INMET alerts to protect yourself, and prepare for a rainy weekend with milder temperatures.

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