thousands of workers will be able to take time off work

Are you tired of working every day? Pay attention to the holiday that falls on a weekday to take advantage of early rest!

Did you know that we will have a mid-week surprise waiting for Brazilians from a certain region? Yes, that’s exactly what you heard! It is a weekday holiday.

A holiday is knocking on our door, promising a breather from the busy routine of many workers who are already tired of waiting. To find out more about him, check out the article!

Have you ever thought about taking advantage of some extra time off? See when the next holiday falls on a weekday! / Photo: publicity

How about slowing down?

At first, amid the rush of everyday life, we rarely stop to breathe and really enjoy the moment.

Holidays, like the one coming up, offer this rare opportunity. It’s an invitation to slow down, recharge your batteries and, perhaps, rediscover simple pleasures that a fast-paced routine often makes us forget.

Mid-week holiday

Imagine the feeling of waking up on a Wednesday and realizing that you don’t need to rush to work or keep stressful commitments.

This week, thousands of citizens of Barbosa, in São Paulo, will have exactly this experience. The festivities start on the 31st, right on Wednesday.

A confirmed holiday promises to transform the city’s routine, bringing a welcome break in the midst of everyday hustle and bustle.

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Holiday in 2024? We have several!

Furthermore, the 2024 holidays in Brazil include traditional national dates, as well as state and municipal holidays that may vary depending on location.

Here are the national holidays scheduled for the year 2024:

January 1st (Monday): Universal Celebration (New Year) February 9th (Friday): Carnival February 10th (Saturday): Carnival February 11th (Sunday): Carnival February 12th (Monday): Carnival March 29th (Friday): Passion of Christ (Good Friday) April 21st (Sunday): Tiradentes May 1st (Wednesday): World Labor Day May 30th (Thursday): Corpus Christi September 7th (Saturday) : Independence of Brazil12th October (Saturday): Our Lady of Aparecida – Patroness of Brazil2nd November (Saturday): All Souls’ Day15th November (Friday): Proclamation of the Republic25th December (Wednesday): Christmas

In addition to these national holidays, there are state and municipal holidays that are specific to each location.

Therefore, it is important to check the specific holiday calendar for your region for a complete and accurate list.

Can I take the holiday off?

In principle, the possibility of taking time off on holidays depends largely on labor legislation and the internal policies of each company.

In Brazil, the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) generally guarantees workers the right not to work on national, state and municipal holidays, without prejudice to their remuneration.

However, there are exceptions in certain sectors that require continuous operations, such as health and safety. In these cases, companies usually offer compensation, such as days off or additional pay for working on holidays.

Therefore, it is important to highlight that collective agreements or union conventions may establish specific rules, therefore, it is essential to check the employment contract and the rules applicable to your sector to understand your rights and obligations related to holidays.

What about optional points?

Now, an optional period is a date on which time off is not mandatory by law for all workers, and it is up to the company or institution to allow or not allow time off for its employees.

In the public sector, for example, these dates are usually respected, especially in government offices, but in the private sector, the decision to release employees rests with the company.

If the organization chooses to operate normally, the employee must work, unless otherwise negotiated between the parties. On the other hand, if the company grants time off, there will be no discount on the employee’s remuneration.

Finally, it is important to check the company’s internal policies and pay attention to internal communications about the operation of optional points to properly plan your days.

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