THESE are the 5 differences

Many people, when they get involved with someone, may have doubts about what they are really feeling. "Am I in love or just in love?" Discover the answer!

Have you ever stopped to think about the difference between being in love and actually loving someone?

The truth is that we often confuse these feelings, but understanding their differences can completely transform the way we experience our relationships. Come and understand!

Do you want to know if you are in love or if you just fell in love with someone? See how to identify the feeling! / Photo: publicity

Am I loving this person?

When we meet someone who affects us in a different way, it is very common for us to doubt our true feelings.

Therefore, the ideal is to look inside to try to understand better. Let’s go?

Intensity or depth?

At first, passion is like an intense and overwhelming flame. It consumes us quickly, bringing a whirlwind of emotions.

On the other hand, love is like a river that flows smoothly, gaining depth and strength over time.

In short, love is stable and serene, while passion is intense and often tumultuous.

Idealization or acceptance?

Next, when we are in love, we tend to idealize the other person, seeing them through rose-colored glasses.

In love, this idealization gives way to acceptance. By loving, we learn to accept the defects and qualities of others, understanding that perfection is not the goal, but rather understanding and mutual growth.

Emotional dependence or companionship?

Furthermore, passion often creates emotional dependence. We feel like we can’t live without the other person.

In love, this dependence turns into companionship. Overall, there is a healthy balance of space and closeness, allowing you both to grow individually and as a couple.

Short term vs. long term

Passion is often short-term, a quick fire that can go out as quickly as it was ignited.

In contrast, love is built over time and has the potential to last a lifetime. Love involves commitment, dedication and the willingness to go through the ups and downs together.

Transformation vs. consolidation

Ultimately, passion can transform us, make us feel alive and vibrant, but it is in love that we find stability and security.

By loving, we consolidate our feelings, build a solid foundation for the relationship and plan a future together.

After all, am I in love or just in love?

In short, love goes beyond passion. It is a deep commitment, a feeling that grows and strengthens over time, based on acceptance, mutual respect and companionship.

Understanding the difference between these feelings can help us better navigate our relationships and find love that is both peaceful and deep.

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Signs that the person has fallen in love with you

Identifying whether someone is in love can be intriguing, but some signs are quite revealing.

Firstly, the body language of people in love is different, as they often look at their loved one, lean towards them and mirror their actions.

Another indication is genuine interest in the other person’s life, including deep questions about feelings, thoughts and past experiences.

Additionally, changes in behavior, such as being more happy or nervous around the person, are also common.

How does someone who is in love show themselves?

Finally, the person in love can demonstrate a constant desire to be close, seeking opportunities for meetings and interactions, even if brief.

Your attention is focused, often prioritizing your loved one over other activities or commitments.

Other than that, small gestures of affection and concern, such as loving messages or attention to details that please the other person, are clear signs.

In short, love manifests itself in actions that seek connection, understanding and closeness.

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