These 4 signs will be lucky in love until January 31st

At the beginning of 2024, 4 signs can find great love! Luck is guaranteed in January, see what astrologers say.

January is a month full of promises and hopes, especially in love. For some zodiac signs, the stars seem to align in a special way, promising a period of luck in love that lasts until the end of this month.

In this sense, who is on the list of signs that will be very lucky until the end of January? Check out the updated predictions below and find out if you are among the lucky ones!

These 4 signs will be lucky in love until January 31st. Credit: Pronatec

Capricorns, get ready for a period of intense and stable romance! With the New Moon in Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th) on the 11th and Venus entering your sign on the 23rd, love is expected to be real, palpable and full of complicity.

Additionally, the sextile between Venus and Saturn on the 28th brings a promise of emotional stability. Forget about platonic loves; Now it’s time to live a passion with your feet on the ground and your heart in the stars.

Aquarius: Renewal and love surprises

For Aquarians, the stars herald a time of transformation in love. With the Sun entering Aquarius (January 21st to February 19th) and Pluto making its debut in the sign on the 21st, there is an energy of total renewal in the love field.

The trigone between Venus and Jupiter on the 28th promises to bring love in an unexpected and positive way. This is a perfect period for Aquarians looking to reinvigorate their love lives with new experiences.

Leo (July 23 to August 22), get ready to be the center of attention in love! With the Full Moon in your sign on the 25th, the spotlight is all on you.

This is a phase of great emotion and intensity in relationships, perfect for experiencing overwhelming passions, worthy of a romantic film. Take advantage of this energy to surrender to the arms of love and live unforgettable moments.

Taurus: Harmony and romanticism

Taurus, this is your time to enjoy a peaceful and affectionate love. With Venus, your ruling planet, making a trine to Jupiter on the 28th, incredible harmony in love is expected, especially in relationships that value emotional security and trust.

This is a perfect time for Taurus natives (April 21st to May 20th) who want to strengthen bonds and experience a love full of care and affection.

Take advantage of forecasts in January

For Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus, January promises to be a month full of love opportunities. If you are part of these signs, prepare your heart to experience moments of joy, passion and deep connection.

Remember that luck in love often comes with an openness to new experiences and a willingness to embrace love in all its forms.

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