The most expensive pizza in Brazil has gold on top and the value is unbelievable; check out!

Savor the most expensive pizza in Brazil, with 24-karat gold, filet mignon and black truffle. A luxury gastronomic experience in Balneário Camboriú.

If you are a pizza lover and are willing to pay a premium price for a unique gastronomic experience, Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, is the place to be.

There, you can enjoy a pizza that goes beyond the traditional options, as this pizza is decorated with 24-karat gold leaves. It’s a luxury culinary experience that is catching the attention of many food lovers.

Discover the ‘Brazilian Dubai’ in pizza form! (Photo: Disclosure).

The most expensive pizza in Brazil

According to the Brazilian Federation of Masters and Pizzaiolos, this is officially the most expensive pizza in Brazil, with a price of R$350 for the medium size and R$200 for the small. What makes it so special? In addition to gold, the production of this pizza features equally luxurious ingredients, such as filet mignon, black truffle, grated parmesan cheese and a catupiry border, accompanied by a mouth-watering béchamel sauce.

The golden touch can be found in a range of R$120 to R$160, making it one of the most exclusive pizza ingredients. However, surprisingly, black truffles are even more expensive, costing around R$150 for a package of just two truffles, which translates to R$75 per pizza.

Inspiration and marketing strategy

The inspiration for creating this extravagant pizza came from the golden meat that went viral on social media in December 2022, when Brazilian national team players consumed it in a restaurant during the World Cup in Qatar. As a result, pizza received the nickname "Brazilian Dubai", in honor of the city that is famous for its opulence.

Pizza was added to the menu in July last year, as part of the city’s anniversary celebrations. However, his rise to fame did not happen by chance. The owners adopted a smart publicity strategy, inviting influencers to visit the pizzeria and share videos eating the "Brazilian Dubai".

Furthermore, the presentation of the pizza is an experience in itself, with waiters wearing business clothes, a soundtrack from the series "Game of Thrones" and the pizza served in a mirrored suitcase filled with liquid nitrogen.

Edible gold: safe or not?

You may be wondering if it is safe to eat gold. The answer is yes, at least when it comes to edible 23- or 24-karat gold, which is primarily used for decorative purposes. These types of gold are pure and do not contain other metals.

According to nutritionists, edible gold is not absorbed by the body and is eliminated completely. Therefore, when consumed sporadically and in small quantities, it does not pose any health risks. However, regular intake at high levels still lacks studies, and possible long-term side effects are not fully known.

In Brazil, Anvisa has standards that regulate the use of gold in food, allowing its use as a dye or with the technological function of "catalyzing" the production of oils and fats.

So, if you are looking for a truly unique gastronomic experience and are willing to shell out a considerable amount, the "Brazilian Dubai" in Balneário Camboriú could be the perfect choice. It is a pizza that combines luxury, flavor and a touch of extravagance that will certainly impress your senses and your imagination. After all, who could resist a slice of golden pizza?

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