The highest and lowest cut-off scores for Medicine in SiSU 2024 REVEALED

SiSU is one of the most competitive university access programs in Brazil. See what the highest and lowest cutoff scores are for those who want to enter medical school!

Have you ever thought about studying Medicine? SiSU 2024 is revealing surprises with the cut-off marks for this much-desired course.

Every year, there are some courses that are most popular and Medicine is always among them. Find out everything about this year’s grades!

If you want to go into medicine, see the highest and lowest cutoff marks for the course at SiSU this year! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How is SiSU 2024 going?

Initially, the 2024 Unified Selection System (SiSU) brought exciting news for aspiring doctors.

With more than 5,000 places available, the Medicine course stands out as one of the most sought after, offering opportunities in several institutions across Brazil.

How to choose the course at SiSU?

Firstly, choosing courses at SiSU is a strategic and flexible process. After the Enem grades are released, candidates can register at SiSU and choose up to two course options, indicating their preference.

During the registration period, it is possible to change these options, adapting to variations in cutoff scores.

The system selects the candidates with the best grades for each course, considering the available vacancies and the type of competition (broad competition or quotas).

After registrations close, SiSU publishes the selection results, based on the candidates’ final classification.

After all, how do SiSU cutoff scores work?

Then, the SiSU cutoff scores work as a selection parameter based on the Enem score.

After registration, the system calculates the lowest grade among the candidates provisionally selected for each course, considering the type of competition.

This grade is updated daily during the application period, reflecting the competition and candidate scores.

Thus, it serves as a reference for students to assess their chances of approval, adjust their options or look for more viable alternatives, becoming a dynamic guide for decision-making during the selection process.

What are the highest and lowest cutoff scores for Medicine in 2024?

Furthermore, the cut-off scores vary considerably, creating a scenario of possibilities for candidates.

To date, the lowest cutoff score for Medicine in SiSU 2024 is 773.66 points at UFERSA, while the highest reaches an impressive 935.11 points at UFBA.

This variation demonstrates that different strategies and choices can lead to success in the search for a vacancy.

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Impact of updating the Quota Law

The new Quota Law, approved in November 2023, plays a crucial role in the SiSU selection process, offering different forms of participation, including broad competition and quotas.

In short, this opens doors to a diverse range of candidates, strengthening inclusion and diversity in higher education.

SiSU is ending

Pay attention to the dates! Registration for SiSU 2024 ends on January 25th, and the first list of successful candidates will be released on January 30th.

Subsequently, selected candidates must register between February 1st and 7th. In addition, there is the option to register on the waiting list, with the result being announced later by each institution.

ProUni and Fies are coming!

Finally, if you don’t get it through SiSU, you can get it through Prouni or Fies, which are government programs complementary to SiSU, focused on facilitating access to higher education.

In summary, Prouni offers full or partial scholarships at private higher education institutions, based on family income and performance on the Enem.

Fies is a student financing program, which allows students to finance courses at private institutions at low interest rates and with an extended payment period.

In general, both programs are aimed at low-income students and consider socioeconomic criteria, in addition to performance on the Enem, for the selection of beneficiaries.

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