Telegram's secret library: How to read FREE books

Browsing social networks, one can come across surprising secrets. This is what happened to me when, on Twitter, I discovered something revealing. The message promised access to free books through a Telegram bot called “Secret Library.” Although the original tweet is no longer available, its content prompted me to investigate this possibility in the famous messaging application.

Browsing the "Secret Library" bots on Telegram revealed a rich collection of books, encouraging the transition from the traditional PDF format to more versatile options like Epub.

Find your favorite free book: Interacting with bots

On Telegram, searching for “Secret Library” displays a series of chats, each numbered and labeled as ‘bot’. When you interact with one of them, the bot presents itself as a tool to download free books in PDF format. However, the process was not as easy as I expected. After several attempts and interactions with different bots, I finally found one that offered more advanced functionality.

Searching for books in PDF format led me to discover a bot on Telegram that not only offered Epub, but also opened a new world of possibilities for digital reading.

Discoveries and features: Beyond PDF

One of the bots proved to be more sophisticated. It allowed searching by author, title or series, offering useful suggestions. When searching for “The Little Prince”, the bot presented several options, including relevant data from the book, the possibility of reading online and downloading in Epub and Mobi formats, although the desired PDF format is not available in this case.

Although my initial search was to download free books in PDF format, the Telegram bot introduced me to the advantages of exploring and reading books in the Epub format.

Alternatives for digital reading: Epub and more

Although the option to download these free books in PDF was not available, there are other ways to enjoy digital reading. Epub files, for example, can be read by specific applications or browser extensions, such as Epub reader for Chrome. These tools are intuitive and allow you to easily load and read books. Also, for lovers of the PDF format, you can always turn to online converters that transform Epub files to PDF.

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