Tactic of making two holes in the bottom of the trash can is flooding the internet

Have you ever thought about drilling two holes in your trash can? It may seem strange, but this practice will help you a lot. See how!

Did you know that drilling two simple holes in the bottom of your trash can can completely transform your waste disposal experience?

It may seem surprising, but this small action can solve a common and frustrating problem: the difficulty in removing the full trash bag. Come see!

Have you ever seen someone on the internet drilling two holes in their trash can? Understand the reason for this! / Photo: publicity

After all, who has never found themselves struggling to get out a bag of trash stuck in a can? Often, the bag seems stuck to the bottom, and when trying to pull it out, we run the risk of tearing it, scattering trash everywhere.

The solution to the problem

In principle, the solution is incredibly simple: drill two holes in the bottom of the trash can. These holes allow air to enter, preventing the formation of a vacuum that makes it difficult to remove the bag. With this, you can pull out the trash bag easily without fear of tearing it.

Get rid of the bad smell in the trash can

In addition to making trash removal easier, it is important to deal with unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, tips such as using charcoal to absorb bad odors, using white vinegar to clean the can, or adding natural fragrances such as orange peels, can make your trash can a more pleasant environment.

Odor-free trash can!

Try these simple tricks and see how they can simplify your daily kitchen routine.

Drilling two holes in the bottom of the trash can and taking steps to eliminate the bad smell will not only make waste disposal easier, but it will also make your trash area more hygienic and pleasant.

Other tips for keeping the kitchen clean

Keeping the kitchen clean is essential not only for hygiene, but also for creating a pleasant and conducive environment for preparing food.

Now here are five simple but effective tips that will transform your kitchen into a more organized and hygienic space. Let’s go?

Keep everything organized

First, start by organizing your kitchen. Keep everything in its place and avoid accumulating unnecessary utensils on the countertops.

An organized kitchen is easier to clean and maintains order in your daily life, as well as helping you know where to start cleaning up the mess.

Clean whenever you can

Then, make it a habit to clean surfaces after each use. A quick wipe with disinfectant on the countertops, sink and stove prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

This daily practice keeps the kitchen always ready for the next use, in addition to freeing up the utensils you need to use.

Pay attention to all the details!

Don’t forget the small details. In other words, regularly clean cabinet handles, light switches and doorknobs, as they are frequently touched and can accumulate germs.

Keep order in the refrigerator and pantry

Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized and clean. Regularly check food expiration dates and do a general cleaning once a month to prevent the build-up of residue and odors.

Keep the trash can under control

Finally, of course, make sure the trash is taken out daily to avoid odors and attracting insects.

Use sturdy garbage bags and, if possible, recycle organic waste in a compost bin.

Kitchen always impeccable!

With these simple tips, your kitchen will transform into a more hygienic, organized and pleasant environment for cooking and socializing.

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