Studio Display and Pro Display XDR: Apple plans its renewal

Apple, recognized for its innovation in technology, is preparing the ground for the launch of new versions of its external displays, Studio Display and Pro Display XDR. Although they have not been officially confirmed, rumors and expectations are growing among technology enthusiasts.

Studio Display: The Evolution Continues

The current Studio Display, launched in March 2022, features a 27-inch LCD screen, 5K resolution, and several advanced features. Although there are no specific rumors about a new version, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested that Apple is working on multiple new monitors, and one could function as a smart home hub in a low-power state. There is speculation about a new 27-inch external display with mini-LED backlighting and ProMotion support, allowing refresh rates of up to 120Hz, but the status of this project remains uncertain.

Pay attention to the Unboxing and review that Manu did 3 years ago of Apple’s XDR Display on the TuAppleMundo YouTube channel!

Pro Display XDR: Looking to the Future

The Pro Display XDR, launched in December 2019, is a high-end monitor with a 32-inch screen and several premium features. Gurman indicated that Apple would be working on an updated version of the Pro Display XDR that would include an Apple silicon chip, a feature that the current model does not have. This update could add features such as Center Stage camera framing, spatial audio, and Siri voice commands.

Consumer Expectations

Consumers expect feature improvements like a better FaceTime camera, built-in speakers, and a higher refresh rate. These additions would make the monitors more attractive to a wider range of users, from creative professionals to general users looking for a premium experience.

Apple is working on an improved Pro Display XDR. Expectations are high, as they seek to surpass the previous model in quality and performance.

Although these details are still speculative, the expectation of new versions of Apple’s Studio Display and Pro Display XDR is creating excitement in the technology community. With Apple’s reputation for design and innovation, any new release is likely to set new standards in the monitor market.

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