Storms and ABSURD heat at the end of January and beginning of February; check the regions

Weather forecast for the next few weeks has just been released! Check if your state will be affected by the storms and intense heat that are coming!

As we say goodbye to January and welcome February, the weather in Brazil promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

With the recent release of warnings by the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET), some regions are expected to face an intense combination of storms and extreme heat. Below, you can check out all the predictions!

Beware of storms and heat in February! Credit: plasticaxe.

The influence of climate change on weather

Climate change plays a significant role in intensifying extreme weather patterns in all regions of the world – and Brazil is no exception.

Global warming, resulting from increased greenhouse gas emissions, has contributed to the more frequent and severe occurrence of extreme weather events, such as intense storms and heat waves.

This scenario is a reminder of the urgent need for actions aimed at sustainability and climate change mitigation.

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Storms and heat in the Southeast region

On the last day of January, INMET issued a storm warning for parts of the Southeast, especially affecting areas of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

These storms, characterized by large volumes of rain, bring with them the risk of flooding, landslides and falling trees, requiring increased attention from residents of these regions.

São Paulo is in the eye of the storm

In the eastern region of São Paulo, including the capital, Vale do Paraíba and Baixada Santista, rains are expected to be particularly intense.

Residents and visitors should prepare for adverse conditions and possible disruptions caused by the weather.

What is the weather like in Rio de Janeiro?

In Rio de Janeiro, the metropolitan region, the coast and Serra Fluminense are also in the crosshairs of the storms.

The forecast of high volumes of rain suggests the need for caution, especially in areas prone to landslides and flooding.

Miners, prepare for storms and heat

In Minas Gerais, the Zona da Mata, the Triângulo Mineiro, the south and west of the state are in the path of intense rain.

Miners should pay attention to weather updates and follow recommendations from local authorities to ensure their safety.

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The heat is "on" in February

Despite the storms, February promises to be a month of above average heat across the country. It’s worth preparing your sunscreen now!

Temperatures are expected to exceed 25ºC in several regions, reaching more than 30ºC in states such as Amazonas, Pará, Amapá, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Pernambuco.

Extreme heat requires special care with hydration and protection against UV rays. There is little care needed to preserve health.

Storms and heat in the South region?

While most of the country faces intense heat, the South region will have a February of irregular rains, with the possibility of falling below the historical average.

However, temperatures in the region will still be higher than expected, especially in the second half of the month. The exception is the central-south of Rio Grande do Sul, which may experience milder temperatures.

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Prepare for changes in the weather!

Faced with this scenario of climate extremes, the watchword is preparation. Keeping an eye on weather forecasts, adopting precautionary measures during storms and staying hydrated and protected from the sun are essential steps to face this period.

Nature is sending us clear signals that climate change is a reality, and it is up to each of us to do our part to mitigate its impacts.

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