Step by step to get FREE sanitary pads through the SUS

Great news for people who menstruate! Government will distribute free sanitary pads in all regions of the country; see how to request!

Ensuring menstrual health and dignity is a crucial step in the fight against social inequalities. In order to promote this fundamental right, the Federal Government has made sanitary pads available free of charge to the population.

The Union’s initiative is a significant milestone in the fight against menstrual poverty and reaffirms the commitment to public health and gender equality. See below how you can get the items without paying anything!

See how to get free sanitary pads from the SUS! Credit: Reproduction.

Understanding menstrual dignity

Menstrual dignity is a concept that encompasses much more than access to hygiene products. It is about ensuring that everyone who menstruates has adequate conditions to live this period in health, hygiene, comfort and, above all, without constraints or limitations.

The concept, in this sense, involves menstrual health education, access to clean and private bathrooms, and the availability of adequate menstrual hygiene products.

Government gives free sanitary pads to the people!

The offer of free sanitary pads is in line with the actions of the Menstrual Health and Dignity Protection and Promotion Program, aiming to eliminate the barriers that many people face due to menstrual poverty.

With more than 31,000 accredited Farmácia Popular units spread across the country, the initiative is a significant step forward in promoting equality and protecting menstrual health.

Who is entitled to free sanitary pads?

The free distribution of sanitary pads is aimed at low-income public school students, homeless people or those in extreme vulnerability, and individuals in prison units.

The criteria ensure that support reaches those who need it most, significantly contributing to the reduction of social inequalities and promoting a fairer and more equitable environment.

How do I get free sanitary pads?

To get free sanitary pads at Farmácia Popular, there is no secret: just follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Verification of Requirements: To be eligible, you must be a resident of Brazil, be between 10 and 49 years old, be registered with CadÚnico with a per capita monthly family income of up to R$218, or up to half the minimum wage (R$706) for students of public institutions. For homeless people, there is no income limit.Authorization Issuance: It is necessary to issue the "Menstrual Dignity Program Authorization" through the "Meu SUS Digital" application or website, valid for 180 days.Product Withdrawal: With authorization and an official document with CPF in hand, go to an accredited Farmácia Popular unit.

For those who face difficulties accessing "My Digital SUS" or issuing authorization, the Basic Health Units (UBS) are available for guidance.

Furthermore, homeless people can seek help at Social Assistance Reference Centers (Cras), POP Centers, among other support locations.

The special distribution of items

People deprived of liberty do not need to carry out the withdrawal process, as the distribution of sanitary pads is carried out directly in prison institutions, in an action coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The importance of the Government's measure

By providing free sanitary pads, the government recognizes menstruation not as a taboo, but as a public health issue that requires attention and action.

The provision of free sanitary pads by the SUS, therefore, is a concrete example of how public policies can transform lives, promoting dignity, health and equality.

It is a reminder that small actions can have a big impact on people’s lives, especially those in vulnerable situations.

Finally, to download the official SUS application and issue authorization, just go to

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