Step by step to avoid blocking your INSS benefit in January

Avoiding your INSS benefit being blocked is something very practical! We show the complete tutorial for you who don’t want to miss your retirement and other payments.

For millions of Brazilians, the National Social Security Institute (INSS) represents a crucial source of income, especially in retirement or in situations of incapacity for work.

However, to ensure continued receipt of these benefits, it is essential to comply with certain obligations, such as proof of life.

Many beneficiaries are at risk of having their payments blocked due to failure to comply with this requirement. In this article, you will learn an effective step-by-step guide to avoid blocking your INSS benefit in January! Read with attention.

Step by step to avoid blocking your INSS benefit in January. Credit: Pronatec

The importance of INSS

The INSS is not just a government body; It is a pillar of the Brazilian social security system. It offers financial support to citizens in times of vulnerability, such as during retirement, in cases of illness, disability or death.

Keeping your benefit active is crucial, as it ensures not only your financial security, but also that of your family. Therefore, understanding the requirements to keep the benefit active, such as proof of life, is essential.

Proof of life is crucial to avoid blocking your INSS benefit

Proof of life is a mandatory annual procedure for all INSS beneficiaries. The objective is to prove that the beneficiary is alive and, therefore, eligible to continue receiving the benefit.

Traditionally, this process was done in person at bank branches, but recently more convenient ways of carrying out proof of life have been introduced, including digital methods.

How can you prove your life and avoid blocking your INSS benefit?

INSS beneficiaries can now provide proof of life in several ways:

In person at the Bank: The most traditional way to prove your life is to go to the bank where the benefit is received. Normally, it is necessary to present an identity document with a photo. Digital Proof of Life: Some financial institutions offer the option of carrying out proof of life through cell phone applications, using technologies such as facial recognition. Legal Representatives or Attorneys: Beneficiaries who do not can move, they can appoint a legally constituted attorney to carry out the proof of life on their behalf.

It is essential to pay attention to the deadlines for carrying out the proof of life. Failure to comply with this obligation within the established period may result in the benefit being temporarily blocked, and, if not regularized, may lead to definitive cancellation.

Therefore, it is advisable to check with your bank or INSS the specific deadlines for your situation.

Be careful not to miss payments!

Keeping your INSS benefit active is vital to ensuring financial security. With the introduction of more accessible methods for carrying out proof of life, beneficiaries now have more convenient options to fulfill this annual obligation.

Remember that avoiding blocking of your benefit is more than a bureaucratic requirement; It is an essential action to ensure the continuity of your financial support.

Still have doubts? Visit the official INSS website to resolve all questions:

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