Step by step to access RENAVAM from your vehicle

Needing access to your car’s RENAVAM and other important information? See how to do this without having to leave home!

Do you know what RENAVAM is and how to consult it? With the arrival of the IPVA 2024 payment period, it is essential to be aware of crucial information about your vehicle.

Rest assured, although it may seem like a complicated process, it is actually quite simple and you don’t even need to leave the house. Let’s go?

Accessing RENAVAM from your car is not a complicated process. Find out how to do this online! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is RENAVAM?

In principle, RENAVAM is a unique code for each vehicle, associated with Detran, which helps to verify various information about it, such as fines, color, year of manufacture and other important data.

In short, it’s like your car’s CPF. Therefore, this code is essential for the organization and control of vehicles in the country, ensuring better management and traffic safety.

What is RENAVAM for?

Basically, RENAVAM serves as a centralized record of vehicle information. It is used for traffic control, inspection, application of fines and identification of irregularities.

RENAVAM is also essential in vehicle purchase and sale processes, as it guarantees verification of the car’s history, including possible legal issues, accidents, fines and restrictions. Thus, it contributes to transparency and security in transactions involving vehicles.

How to check RENAVAM on your cell phone?

You don’t need to decorate your RENAVAM, as it is easily accessible. It can be consulted in the CRV (Vehicle Registration Certificate) or CRLV (Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate).

Firstly, if you have the printed version of one of these documents, you will find the code at the top, indicated as "Cod. RENEW."

Another practical way is to use the Digital Traffic Card application (Android: or iOS: on your smartphone.

Just log in, access the "Vehicles" option and choose the car you want. The RENAVAM number will appear just below the car’s license plate information.

Security of all information

With these tips, you can easily access and check your vehicle information. Keeping up to date with this data is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as unknown fines or problems with the car’s documentation.

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I got a fine, can I appeal?

Furthermore, to appeal traffic fines, first check the details of the infraction and gather evidence that justifies the appeal.

After that, follow the procedures indicated in the infraction notice or penalty notice. Generally, the appeal must be sent to the responsible transit agency within the established deadline.

The appeal must be clear, objective and legally substantiated. If the first appeal is denied, it is still possible to appeal to higher courts, such as JARI (Administrative Board of Infractions Appeals) and CETRAN (State Traffic Council).

What happens if I don’t pay the fine?

There are some penalties, such as:

If you do not pay your traffic fine on time, interest and additional fines will accrue. This increases the amount to be paid, making the infraction more financially costly; Failure to pay fines may prevent the vehicle from being licensed annually. Without updated licensing, the vehicle can be seized and the owner fined if he continues to drive it; Finally, unpaid fines can lead to the debtor being registered in active debt and, eventually, his name being denied by credit protection bodies. , such as SPC and Serasa, affecting their credit capacity in the market.

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