Specific card can guarantee discounts of up to 70% in the largest pharmacies in Brazil: check!

Discounts of up to 70% on medicines in the largest pharmacies in Brazil: INSS+ Card offers exclusive advantages for retirees and pensioners.

In the current scenario, where medication costs can be a significant burden for many Brazilians, a new law has stood out by offering substantial discounts in Brazil’s largest pharmacies.

This law, which came into force in May last year, is benefiting around 39 million retirees, pensioners and INSS beneficiaries.

The name of this benefit is the "INSS+ Card" and it focuses not only on medicines, but also on a wide range of other services and products, including cinema, shows, insurance and much more.

Save at renowned pharmacies with the INSS+ Card: Unmissable discounts for INSS beneficiaries. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

What is the INSS+ Card?

Namely, the INSS+ Card is the result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Social Security, banks and Caixa Econômica Federal.

In short, its objective is nothing more than to provide exclusive advantages and discounts for those who have contributed to social security throughout their lives.

Through this card, beneficiaries can enjoy significant discounts at pharmacies, including the renowned Drogaria SP, Drogasil, Extrafarma and several other chains.

Senator Paulo Paim emphasized the importance of valuing the elderly, retirees and pensioners, highlighting the crucial role they play in Brazil’s growth and development.

With a population of approximately 39 million retirees, pensioners and INSS beneficiaries, the search for social justice is more relevant than ever.

Paulo Paim highlighted that the country owes a significant debt to these citizens and it is the nation’s duty to fight daily for social justice and the deserved recognition of those who have contributed so much to the well-being of all.

INSS+ card: discounts that make a difference

The Meu INSS+ Card has become so popular that, currently, it is more common to present it in pharmacies than to provide your CPF.

This is due to the considerable discounts that the card offers, which can reach up to 70% on certain medications.

This initiative aims to alleviate medication costs, making access to medical treatments more accessible for INSS beneficiaries.

Benefits beyond pharmacies

In addition to benefits in pharmacies, the INSS+ Card also offers discounts in other sectors, such as entertainment and services.

This provides a significant improvement in the quality of life of beneficiaries, allowing them to enjoy a variety of activities and services at more affordable prices.

From purchasing tickets for shows and cinemas to taking out insurance and other services, the INSS+ Card is a valuable tool for improving the budget and well-being of retirees and pensioners.

In short, the INSS+ Card is becoming an invaluable resource for millions of Brazilians by offering substantial discounts at Brazil’s largest pharmacies.

In general, the resource makes medicines more accessible and improves the quality of life of INSS beneficiaries.

Therefore, if you are a retiree, pensioner or INSS beneficiary, consult the information on how to obtain your card and start enjoying the benefits right now.

After all, discounts of up to 70% are an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

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