SiSu opens registrations this Monday (22); there are more than 250 THOUSAND vacancies offered

Your dream of attending higher education may be getting closer! With the opening of SiSu registrations, you can guarantee places in numerous institutions.

The wait is over! This Monday, January 22nd, the Unified Selection System (SiSu) opens its doors to thousands of students looking for a place in higher education.

With more than 250,000 places available in various public higher education institutions, SiSu 2024 promises to be a watershed in the academic lives of many young Brazilians. In our guide, we show you everything you need to know about this incredible opportunity.

SiSu registrations are open; check out more details! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is SiSu and how does it work?

First of all, it is crucial to understand what SiSu is and how it operates. This is one of the Government’s main incentive programs!

SiSu is a platform managed by the Ministry of Education (MEC) that allows students who took the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM) to compete for places in public higher education institutions.

The system selects candidates based on the grades obtained in ENEM, facilitating access to higher education.

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SiSu 2024 registrations: Dates and details

Registration for SiSu 2024 begins this Monday, January 22nd, and ends at 11:59 pm on January 25th.

There are 264,254 places distributed in the most diverse courses at 127 public higher education institutions throughout Brazil.

News in the SiSu selection process

This year’s SiSu presents a different selection process, with possible registrations for courses in the first or second semester of 2024.

To compete for all vacancies offered during the year, candidates must register during a single period. The result of the single call will be announced on January 30th.

How do I register with SiSu?

At this moment, we have the main question from students: how to register for SiSu 2024? Interested candidates must register, which is free, by accessing the single portal for access to higher education (

Then, to sign up for SiSu, students need to use their account login and password information. Those who have not yet registered on the page can click here to understand how to create their account.

Detailed information about vacancies is available on the selection process page. On the platform, it is possible to check availability by course, shift, start of teaching activities, institution, location and type of competition.

What does the Quota Law look like?

The classification of candidates will be based on the average ENEM scores. From this edition onwards, changes established in the new Quota Law will be adopted.

All candidates registered under this law will be classified according to their performance in the ENEM and their socioeconomic profile.

Complete SiSu 2024 schedule

Finally, to make everything more practical, we show below the complete (and updated) SiSu schedule in 2024; check out:

Registration period: January 22nd to 25thRegular call result: January 30thRegular call registration: February 1st to 7thDeadline to join the waiting list: January 30th to February 7th

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Registration for SiSu 2024 represents the opening of a portal of opportunities for thousands of students in search of academic achievement and personal growth.

With such a wide range of vacancies and course options, this is the chance to take a big step towards the future. Check out more details at

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