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Understand the end of the DOC service: Nubank reveals alternatives for financial transfers after February 29, 2024. A significant change in the Brazilian banking scenario.

Nubank, one of the most innovative and popular financial institutions in Brazil, surprised its customers and even those who don’t have a bank account with an impactful announcement. The company confirmed the closure of a service that will affect millions of Brazilians: the DOC (Credit Order Document).

In this article, we will explore this decision and its impacts, as well as provide details on the alternatives available for financial transfers.

PIX versus DOC: What you need to know about Nubank’s decision to close DOC in February 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The end of DOC: a change in the banking landscape

DOC, which has long been one of the main options for money transfers between bank accounts, will take its last breath on February 29, 2024.

In this sense, Nubank’s announcement is a response to the growing popularity of PIX, an instant payments system that has revolutionized the way Brazilians deal with their finances.

The decision to close DOC is not exclusive to Nubank; all Brazilian banks are following the same path.

The reason is clear: PIX is more efficient, faster and practical. With the ability to make transfers at any time, every day of the week, including holidays, PIX quickly gained consumer trust.

Alternatives for financial transfers at Nubank

With the end of DOC in sight, it is crucial that customers are aware of the alternatives available to make financial transfers in a safe and efficient manner:

1. TED (Electronic Transfer Available)

Available Electronic Transfer, known as TED, is an option that allows money to be transferred on the same day of the transaction, as long as it is carried out by 5pm Brasília time. The main advantage of TED is its speed, with the transfer completed within 1 hour.

2. TEF (Electronic Financial Transfer)

In short, Electronic Financial Transfer, or EFT, is a free operation that facilitates the transfer of funds between accounts at the same bank. Simply provide the recipient’s CPF or CNPJ, branch number and bank account number to complete the transaction.

3. Paying a bill online

Furthermore, another alternative is to pay bills online. Customers can access the bank’s payments tab, enter the barcode data, type it or use the camera to scan it, and then confirm the payment.

4. Unlimited TEDs for Nubank customers

Nubank customers have the advantage of making unlimited TEDs to any bank at no additional cost. Furthermore, transfers are processed faster, making this option especially convenient for those who have accounts at the financial institution.

Ultimately, Nubank’s announcement about the end of the DOC marks a significant change in the Brazilian banking scenario. Therefore, it is important that everyone is aware of these changes and the alternatives available to continue making financial transfers efficiently and safely. PIX and other options mentioned in this article are available to ensure that financial transactions continue to be carried out without complications.

Pay attention to the dates and adapt to these changes to ensure smooth financial transactions.

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