Seniors can request a free electricity bill in 2024; know how

Did you know that one of the rights of elderly people is to be exempt from their electricity bill? Understand how this benefit works and enjoy!

For many elderly Brazilians, having a dignified and comfortable life is a constant challenge, as debts such as electricity bills can be a burden.

Fortunately, there are government and company initiatives that aim to provide just that. See how to access the benefit!

If you are an elderly person, know that you can access exemption from your electricity bill. Find out how to get this benefit! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Initially, Companhia Energ├ętica de Minas Gerais (CEMIG) launched the "2 Years Without a CEMIG Account" promotion, an initiative that offers seniors the opportunity to have two years of free electricity bills, with credits of R$5,000.

This program is part of the company’s social commitment to supporting seniors and families facing financial difficulties.

How to get the exemption?

To be eligible for the free electricity bill, you must:

Be registered in the Single Registry; Be at least 65 years old; Receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC); Participate in the draw (in the case of the CEMIG promotion).

Therefore, if you are within these rules, it is a good idea to contact CEMIG in your city to request the benefit.

Social Rate Program

In addition to the CEMIG initiative, the federal government offers the Social Tariff Program, which ensures discounts on electricity bills for those outside the state of Minas Gerais.

This program, in force for around 21 years, has already benefited more than 24 million Brazilians.

How to take advantage of the Social Tariff?

The Social Tariff program offers cumulative discounts on the residential tariff, varying according to monthly consumption:

65% discount for monthly consumption between 0 and 30 kWh; 40% discount for monthly consumption between 31 and 100 kWh; 10% discount for monthly consumption between 101 and 220 kWh; There are no discounts for consumption above 221 kWh.

Who can receive discounts on their electricity bill?

To access the Social Tariff, you must:

Be a low-income residential customer;

It is worth noting that indigenous and quilombola people are also entitled to the benefit, having to present only the RANI (Administrative Registration of Indigenous Birth).

How to request the Social Tariff

Now, to request, contact the electricity distributor in your region and provide:

Proof of registration in the Single Registry; Proof of income; After analyzing the documents, the distributor will calculate the discount applied to the electricity bill.

Elderly people looking for a more dignified life

The electricity bill exemption for the elderly and the Social Tariff Program are vital initiatives to guarantee access to electricity for low-income families, contributing to a more dignified life.

In this sense, if you meet the criteria, don’t miss the chance to request these benefits.

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Other important benefits for seniors

Furthermore, elderly people in Brazil have access to several exemption benefits in addition to the electricity bill, which aim to provide a more comfortable and dignified life. Check out:

Exemption from IPTU (Urban Property and Land Tax)

Generally, to be eligible for this benefit, it is necessary to meet criteria such as having a maximum monthly income stipulated by municipal legislation, having only one property used as your own residence and being of a certain age, normally 60 years or older.

Each municipality has its own rules and income limits, so it is essential to check the specific conditions with your local city hall.

Income Tax Exemption at Source

Next, seniors can also be exempt from paying Income Tax on certain types of income.

For example, INSS retirees and pensioners who are 65 years old or over are entitled to an extra portion of exemption when calculating income tax on their retirement or pension income.

Furthermore, there are specific conditions under which IR is exempt for the elderly, such as in the case of serious illnesses specified in the law.

Exemption from fees on public transport

Finally, most Brazilian cities offer fare exemptions on public transport for seniors, generally aged 60 or 65.

This exemption allows elderly people to use municipal buses, trains and other means of urban public transport free of charge.

To take advantage of this benefit, you must have an official identification document with a photo or a specific transport card for seniors, which can be issued by local transport agencies.

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