Send PIX using your credit card: Nubank APPROVED!

Nubank’s new feature allows you to send PIX using your credit card, offering more flexibility in your transactions. Discover how this functionality can transform your financial control.

These days, financial technology is redefining what is possible. And Nubank, always at the forefront, has just launched a feature that promises to be a game changer: the possibility of adding balance to your account using your credit card limit.

In general, this new feature is not just an evolution; It’s a revolution in the way we interact with our money. Imagine the freedom to manage your finances more flexibly, without traditional limitations. To find out how, read on.

Send PIX and manage your money more freely using the Nubank credit card. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to add balance to the account using the Nubank credit card limit?

Nubank understands that each customer has unique needs. With this in mind, the new functionality was created to give more control and freedom.

If previously the lack of access to credit was an obstacle, it has now become a challenge that has been overcome. In short, this innovation is more than a tool; It’s a bridge to a future where your financial decisions are completely in your hands.

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How does Nubank’s new function work?

By opting into this new feature, you will find a transparent and fair fee structure. The idea is simple: transfer the credit card balance to the account, with an average interest rate of 8.5% per month.

The even better news is that, for those who choose to pay in advance, there are attractive interest discounts. Thus, Nubank ensures that this new option is convenient and accessible.

But after all, how to add balance to the account using the Nubank credit card limit?

Nubank has always stood out for the simplicity and efficiency of its services. Adding balance via credit card is no exception.

Accessing the application, with a few clicks you select "Pass everything on credit", define the amount, the number of installments and confirm.

In seconds, the balance is available. The practicality is so much that it seems magical, but it is just cutting-edge financial technology.

Is the new function already available?

Namely, this service will be gradually available to all customers. Therefore, Nubank recommends keeping an eye on the application so as not to miss the opportunity to try this new way of managing money.

The arrival of this functionality is a significant step in Nubank’s journey to simplify and democratize access to financial services.

Nubank has always been synonymous with innovation and efficiency. Each new service or functionality is designed to improve the financial lives of its customers.

With this new option, the bank not only offers another financial tool, but also reinforces its commitment to always being ahead, thinking about the well-being and needs of its users.

In addition to PIX

The ability to send PIX using your credit card is just the beginning. Nubank is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and make its customers' financial lives easier.

With a user-centric approach, the bank continues to explore new horizons, always aiming to offer solutions that are not only practical, but also empowering.

Your money, your rules

In conclusion, with the arrival of this new functionality, Nubank reaffirms its role as a leader in financial innovation. This is an opportunity for customers to manage their money in a way never seen before.

The financial future promises more autonomy and control, and Nubank is at the forefront of this transformation.

Send PIX using your credit card? Yes, with Nubank, this is now possible. Welcome to the new era of financial freedom!

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