See when to review your retirement and INCREASE your benefit!

Did you know that you can increase the value of your retirement? To do this, it is necessary to review the payment. See how!

Did you know that in some situations it is possible to request a review of your retirement? That’s right!

Many retirees are not aware that they may be entitled to a greater benefit. Therefore, it is important to always seek to know your rights.

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What are the new retirement rules?

The current rules for retirement in Brazil, after the Pension Reform, include a minimum age and contribution period.

For men, the minimum age is 65 years old with 20 years of contribution. For women, it is 62 years with 15 years of contribution. There are transition rules for those who were already contributing before the reform.

The benefit calculation considers the average of all contributions since July 1994, discarding the 20% lowest contributions, and the retirement value corresponds to a percentage of this average, which increases with longer contributions.

When can I increase my retirement amount?

See below when it is possible to increase the value of the benefit.

1. When the INSS has a calculation error

Did you know that calculation errors are one of the most common reasons for retirement review?

If there was an error in counting contribution time or average salary, you may be entitled to an adjustment.

2. Changes in the law

Changes in social security laws can open up loopholes for revisions. If you retired before any significant change in legislation, it is worth checking whether the new rule impacts the calculation of your benefit.

3. Include periods that were not recorded

Periods of work not taken into account in the initial retirement calculation may also be grounds for review.

This includes time spent in military or rural service, or contributions made in arrears.

4. Whole Life Review

The so-called ‘lifetime review’ takes into account all of the worker’s contributions, including those prior to July 1994.

If your largest contributions were made before that date, this review may be beneficial.

5. Concomitant activities

If you worked more than one job at the same time, contributions from concurrent activities may not have been fully considered.

In this case, a review may increase the value of your benefit.

Don’t let your retirement go without a raise

Many retirees end up receiving less than they should because they are not aware of their rights.

If you believe any of these situations apply to you, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice to review your retirement.

Remember, it is your right to ensure that your benefit calculation is fair and correct!

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Can everyone retire?

In short, people who do not meet the minimum criteria established by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) cannot retire.

This includes individuals who have not reached the minimum age or who do not have the minimum contribution time.

Furthermore, informal workers who have never contributed to the INSS or who do not have a sufficient number of contributions are also ineligible.

Finally, foreigners who do not legally reside in Brazil and do not contribute to the system cannot access INSS retirement benefits.

Self-employed workers or those without an employment relationship can contribute to the INSS as individual contributors.

To do this, you must register with the Social Integration Program (PIS) or the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), if you are a businessman.

After registering, you must choose a contribution category, which can be 5%, 11% or 20% of the minimum wage, depending on the type of benefit you wish to be entitled to.

Payment is made using a Social Security Guide (GPS), which can be generated on the Social Security website (or at partner banks.

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