See what changes in SiSU 2024 with the new rules approved

This year, SiSU will have some important changes. Therefore, it is interesting that those who are going to pay attention to the news.

Have you heard about the changes to SiSU for 2024? The Unified Selection System, which is the entry key to public universities in Brazil, is undergoing a major transformation, especially with regard to the inclusion of quilombola students.

With the new Quota Law, SiSU seeks to promote equal opportunities and inclusion. In this article, we will dive into the changes of this new regulation and understand how it will impact access to higher education. Ready to discover everything about SiSU 2024? Let’s go!

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SiSU 2024 and the new quota law: what changes and how does it affect you?

Firstly, the Unified Selection System (SiSU) is a vital program in the Brazilian educational structure, acting as a fundamental link between students and access to higher education in public institutions.

Created by the Ministry of Education, SiSU is an innovation that democratizes educational opportunities, using scores from the National High School Exam (ENEM) as the main criterion for selecting candidates. Functioning as an online platform, SiSU allows students from all over Brazil, who participated in ENEM, to enroll in undergraduate courses offered by federal and state universities and federal institutes of education, science and technology.

The process is carried out twice a year, coinciding with the academic semesters, and provides candidates with the opportunity to choose between different course and institution options, based on their grades and preferences.

Furthermore, SiSU is an instrument of social inclusion, as it operates in conjunction with affirmative action policies, such as the Quota Law (which recently changed), guaranteeing places for students from public, low-income schools, as well as groups historically underserved. -represented in higher education, such as blacks, mixed race, indigenous people and, more recently, quilombolas.

With this, SiSU establishes itself not only as a selection mechanism, but also as an agent of social transformation, contributing to the reduction of educational inequalities and promoting greater diversity in the Brazilian academic scenario.

Changes to the Quota Law

The new Quota Law, sanctioned in 2023, now includes quilombola students, in addition to the already covered students from public schools, black, mixed race, indigenous people and people with disabilities.

In summary, the changes implemented in SiSU 2024, in relation to quotas for quilombola students, reflect an important step towards a more fair and egalitarian society. By ensuring that all candidates, regardless of their ethnic-racial origin, initially compete on equal terms, the system seeks to ensure fairness in the selection process.

This initiative not only increases opportunities for historically disadvantaged groups, but also contributes to the diversification and enrichment of the academic environment.

How the changes affect quilombola students

One of the main changes is in the way quilombola candidates are classified in SiSU. Previously, they competed directly for reserved positions. Now, the initial classification is based on performance in ENEM, without distinction between quota holders and broad competition. This ensures fairer and more equal competition.

Reservation of vacancies

Places for quilombola students are still reserved, in proportion to the number of self-declared quilombola people in the state. This is determined by IBGE data, ensuring that the reservation of vacancies is aligned with the country’s sociodemographic reality.

Access to technical education and postgraduate studies

The new rules also apply to access to federal technical education institutions and encourage the inclusion of ethnic-racial groups in postgraduate programs, aiming to promote diversity and innovation.

SiSU 2024 Calendar

The SiSU 2024 selection process is about to begin. Registration takes place between January 22nd and 25th, with 264,360 places on offer in 127 educational institutions, with 121,750 places allocated to quota students. To register and follow along, simply access the official MEC website:

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