See the new unemployment insurance values ​​in 2024 and learn how to request the benefit

This year, unemployment insurance had its values ​​updated. Check out what has changed and how to access the benefit!

In 2024, a new unemployment insurance table appears, bringing significant changes for beneficiaries. This is an essential topic for many Brazilians, especially in a challenging economic context. In this article, we will explore in detail the updates to unemployment insurance amounts and how to apply.

We will discuss the affected salary ranges and the rules for calculating this vital benefit. Get ready to discover valuable information that could impact your financial and professional life in this new year. Let’s understand these changes together and how they can affect you.

Unemployment insurance, like other labor benefits, will undergo changes. Check out what they are! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Discover the new unemployment insurance amounts in 2024 and how to apply

The unemployment insurance table was updated in 2024, establishing that the amounts to be received by workers vary between R$1,412 and R$2,313.74. These values ​​are calculated based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), which registered a variation of 3.71% in 2023, and the minimum wage adjustment.

It is important to highlight that the minimum value of unemployment insurance corresponds to the current minimum wage, with R$1,412 being the base value. I.e:

Those who earn up to R$2,041.39 can receive the average salary multiplied by 0.8; In the case of those who earn between R$2,041.40 and R$3,402.65, what exceeds R$2,041 must be taken into account. 39 and then add R$ 1,633.10; Finally, for those who receive more than R$ 3,402.65 the value does not change from R$ 2,313.74.

It is important to remember that the minimum and maximum benefit value varies according to the salary range.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for unemployment insurance, you must be a worker dismissed without just cause, including domestic workers under the CLT regime, or those indirectly laid off due to serious misconduct on the part of the employer.

The government also extends the benefit to those whose contracts were suspended due to participation in professional qualification programs, professional fishermen during the closed season, and workers rescued from conditions similar to slavery. It is important to note that receiving other employment benefits or equity participation in companies may invalidate the right to unemployment insurance.

Request procedures

Unemployment insurance can be requested in several ways: through the Digital Work Card application, via the portal, in person at regional labor superintendencies units (with prior appointment), or via central 158. To request , it is necessary to present the unemployment insurance application document provided by the employer at the time of dismissal, in addition to the CPF number.

Duration and number of installments

The duration of the unemployment insurance benefit is based on the worker’s length of service. Those who prove at least 6 months of work will receive three installments. For those who have proven at least 12 months of work, four installments are granted. Workers with more than 24 months of service are entitled to five installments of the benefit. This system seeks to guarantee financial support appropriate to each individual’s contribution time.

Understand who is not entitled to unemployment insurance in 2024

The following are not entitled to unemployment insurance benefits in 2024:

People who receive another employment benefit, except accident benefit and death pension. Those who have an active shareholding in companies. Individuals who obtain employment with a formal contract immediately after dismissal or while receiving unemployment insurance. Those who are receiving employment benefits continued provision of Social Security, with exceptions mentioned.

These rules aim to ensure that the benefit serves those who really need financial support after losing their job.

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