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INSS advances payments of the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) in January for some beneficiaries: find out who can receive it now. Discover how to guarantee your monthly support

In the heart of summer, hot news arrives for beneficiaries of the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC).

The INSS (National Social Security Institute) decided to bring forward the January payment for a specific group, offering welcome financial relief to those facing difficult times.

In this article, we will explore in detail how this advance payment works, who is eligible to receive it and how to withdraw the amount of R$1,400.

January BPC in advance: understand the conditions and find out how to receive it. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the Continuous Payment Benefit?

In summary, the BPC is a fundamental social program in Brazil, which guarantees a minimum monthly wage for elderly people and people with disabilities who live in situations of social and economic vulnerability.

It is, therefore, a safety net that helps alleviate the financial difficulties of thousands of Brazilians, providing stability and essential assistance for their lives.

January payments in advance

The BPC’s anticipation in January is due to the extreme weather conditions that affected the state of Rio de Janeiro this month.

Heavy rains caused damage in several cities, leading some of them to request recognition of a state of emergency or public calamity.

In response to these exceptional situations, the Federal Government took the decision to advance payment to residents of these affected areas.

The guidelines and procedures for requesting the advance of the benefit will be defined by the Federal Government itself, but the expectation is that the request can be made through the INSS.

It is important to highlight that, although the installment is in advance, it will be deducted from future BPC payments.

However, the good news is that this discount will not incur additional interest, ensuring an affordable form of payment for beneficiaries.

Continuous Payment Benefit payment schedule in January

For beneficiaries who do not meet the advance criteria, payment will follow the regular INSS calendar.

The amounts will be released in accordance with the order of the Social Identification Number (NIS), which is defined at the time of registration in the Single Registry (CadÚnico).

Here is the complete BPC payment calendar for the month of January:

Benefit number ending in 1: payment on January 25;Benefit number ending in 2: payment on January 26;Benefit number ending in 3: payment on January 29;Benefit number ending in 4: payment on January 30 January;Benefit number ending in 5: payment on January 31;Benefit number ending in 6: payment on February 1;Benefit number ending in 7: payment on February 2;Benefit number ending in 8: payment on February 5th;Benefit number ending in 9: payment on February 6th;Benefit number ending in 0: payment on February 7th.

For BPC beneficiaries in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the advance payment in January represents a welcome relief during a challenging period, providing additional resources to face the difficulties caused by intense rains.

For all other beneficiaries, the regular INSS payment schedule continues to provide critical support, ensuring that those who need it most receive the assistance they need according to the established schedule.

Finally, pay attention to your Social Identification Number (NIS) and the corresponding dates to ensure you receive your benefit. The BPC continues to be an anchor of stability for many Brazilians in times of financial uncertainty.

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