See how to search for careers in 'Enem dos Concursos' and where the more than 6 thousand vacancies are located

Unified National Competition is the golden opportunity for you who want to work in the public service! Check out the main details about the Enem dos Concursos.

Are you looking for a career in public service? So, you need to know the Unified National Public Competition, nicknamed the "Enem of Competitions".

With more than 6 thousand vacancies in various federal agencies, this competition represents a great opportunity for those who want to enter the public sector. Let’s detail how you can check available careers and where these vacancies are.

See how to search for careers in ‘Enem dos Concursos’ and where the more than 6 thousand vacancies are. Credit: Pronatec

What is the Enem dos Concursos?

The Unified National Public Competition, better known as Enem dos Concursos, is an initiative to standardize and democratize access to federal public positions.

With tests administered simultaneously in 217 Brazilian cities, the competition offers 6,640 places in 21 different federal government bodies.

The objective is to guarantee equal access to public positions and standardize the procedures for applying tests.

Unified National Competition Schedule

Beforehand, we can say that the Federal Government has already released the complete Enem Competition calendar! The notice is even available and can be consulted on the initiative’s official website.

Below, you can check the complete schedule of the Unified National Competition (when to register for the Enem dos Concursos, exam application date and much more).

Publication of Notice: 10/01/2024Registration: 19/01 to 09/02/2024Application of Tests: 05/05/2024Disclosure of Results: 03/06 and 30/07/2024Start of Call: 05/08/2024

How to check careers in Enem dos Concursos?

As we mentioned previously, the Government offers vacancies in dozens of public bodies in the Enem dos Concursos. The opportunities, in this sense, are quite comprehensive. To consult the careers available in "Enem dos Concursos", follow these steps:

Access the official website of the Competition: The official website of the competition (will be the main way to obtain information about the careers available. Consult the Notice: The notice, published in the Official Gazette of the Union, contains all information about the careers, including requirements, salaries and positions.Use search tools: Some online tools can help you filter vacancies by career, location and requirements.

Where are vacancies available?

The 6,640 vacancies offered are distributed across 21 federal agencies. With a wide variety of careers, there are opportunities for different professional profiles and training levels.

It is important to highlight that the vacancies are spread throughout the national territory, offering chances in various regions of Brazil.

Participating in "Enem dos Concursos" is an excellent opportunity for those seeking stability and professional growth in the public sector.

In addition to the variety of careers available, the competition offers the chance to work in different parts of the country, contributing to national development.

Take advantage of the opportunity to work in public service

The "Enem dos Concursos" is an unmissable opportunity for those who want a career in the federal public service. With a unified and transparent selection process, it represents an important step towards the democratization of access to public positions in Brazil.

If you are interested, don’t miss the registration deadline and prepare yourself for this challenging and rewarding journey. Ask all your questions on the website

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