See how to schedule appointments at SUS without having to leave home: My SUS Digital has arrived!

Schedule SUS appointments simply with Meu SUS Digital. Access your health services easily and manage your health via your smartphone.

Quick and practical access to health services from the Unified Health System (SUS) has never been as easy as it is now, thanks to Meu SUS Digital. In short, this innovative application came to replace the already known Conecte SUS, offering a more modern and functional experience for users.

With a new visual identity and improved features, Meu SUS Digital was designed to bring the population closer to the health services available in the SUS, allowing users to find nearby service locations, schedule appointments and issue documents and certificates, all without leaving their House.

In the lines below, you will learn all the details of this revolutionary application available for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. So, keep reading!

Discover how Meu SUS Digital can facilitate your access to SUS health services. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is My SUS Digital and how does it work?

Meu SUS Digital is the evolution of the Conecte SUS application, serving as a digital bridge between the population and the Unified Health System.

Namely, to start using the application, simply access it with your account. Right on the home screen, you will find the main services available in the "Actions" section. If you want to explore all the app’s features, just tap "Show all".

One of the most useful features is the "Vaccine" section, where you can issue your vaccination card and check your vaccination history.

Furthermore, in the "Appointments" menu, it is possible to make appointments at registered Basic Health Units. Don't forget to check your National Health Card in the "Profile" tab.

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Who can use My SUS Digital?

Meu SUS Digital is available to all users who wish to access the services offered by SUS in a practical and efficient way.

However, if you don’t already have a account, it’s easy to create one during the login process. Just provide your CPF and some personal data, create a password and you will be ready to use the application.

Remember that Meu SUS Digital is compatible with both Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

What services are available on Meu SUS Digital?

In short, this application brings together a series of resources aimed at the health sector, simplifying users’ lives.

With Meu SUS Digital, you can issue the Vaccination Certificate, International Vaccination or Prophylaxis Certificate, in addition to checking medical prescriptions and scheduling appointments easily.

In addition, the application also allows you to track your exam history, vaccinations and your position in the National Transplant System queue. Be sure to explore the function that locates health services near you.

In addition to traditional services, Meu SUS Digital offers resources for managing your personal health. You can include your medication list, allergy information, and emergency contacts.

Finally, the application even allows you to keep a detailed record of your health in "My Health Diary". An innovative feature is the possibility of issuing the document that authorizes the collection of sanitary pads by Farmácia Popular through the Menstrual Dignity Program.

Changes for Conecte SUS users

If you were already using Conecte SUS, you can rest assured. All services to which you had access will continue to be available in the new version, Meu SUS Digital.

It will not be necessary to change your registration, just update the application through the Google Play Store or the App Store to take advantage of all the improvements offered. The main difference is in the renewed visual identity and the inclusion of the new Menstrual Dignity Program feature.

With Meu SUS Digital, scheduling appointments at SUS is simpler and more accessible than ever. Don’t waste time in queues or waiting. Download the app now and have the power to manage your health in the palm of your hand.

In conclusion, remember that your well-being is just a tap away with Meu SUS Digital!

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