See how to RECOVER your FGTS, if the company has not deposited it

Is it really possible to recover FGTS amounts in situations where companies do not make deposits? Check out everything the legislation says on this topic.

Discovering that the deposits to the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) were not made by the company can be an extremely frustrating situation for any worker.

After all, the FGTS is not just a right, but financial security for times of need, such as when purchasing your own home, in cases of serious illness, retirement, and even in situations of natural disasters. See below if it is possible to recover the values!

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How does FGTS work?

The FGTS was created to protect workers fired without just cause, through an account linked to the employment contract.

Each month, employers must deposit the equivalent of 8% of the employee’s salary into this account. The amount belongs to the worker, who can withdraw it in specific situations provided for by law, making it a vital fund for their financial security.

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Check FGTS deposits!

It is essential that workers regularly monitor FGTS deposits through statements made available by Caixa Econômica Federal.

This check can be carried out online, on the Caixa website or app, and is an important preventive measure to ensure that the worker’s rights are being respected.

Is it possible to recover FGTS?

Yes! When identifying deposit failures, the first recommended action is to seek an open and transparent dialogue with the employer. Often, irregularities can be the result of a simple mistake, which can be quickly corrected after communication.

Now, if dialogue does not resolve the situation, there are legal paths that can be followed to guarantee the right to FGTS.

How to report the employer and recover the FGTS in court?

The worker can initiate a complaint through the SIT Portal (using the system, or seek assistance from the Public Ministry of Labor or the Labor Court.

It is important to be aware of the legal deadlines for reporting and taking legal action, which are, respectively, up to two and five years after the end of the employment contract.

Who is entitled to FGTS?

The FGTS is not restricted to workers with a formal contract. It also covers rural, temporary, intermittent, independent workers, non-employed directors, domestic workers and professional athletes.

This broad spectrum of coverage reinforces the importance of the FGTS as an instrument to protect Brazilian workers.

Monitor payments to recover FGTS

For workers, regular monitoring of the FGTS is vital. Inspection of these deposits is a right and ensures that the amounts will be available when most needed.

Caixa Econômica Federal provides online tools so that this verification can be carried out simply and quickly.

As mentioned previously, in cases where there is no resolution through dialogue, it is advisable to seek legal advice. Lawyers specializing in employment law can offer personalized advice and represent the worker in legal proceedings, if necessary.

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Stay informed and guarantee your rights!

The discovery that FGTS deposits were not made can be a serious blow, but there are effective ways to seek redress.

Finding out about your rights and acting promptly are the best strategies to ensure that FGTS benefits are properly received.

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