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Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive an additional R$100.00 in January. Find out how to take advantage of this extra resource and ensure more financial stability.

The month of January arrived with great news for Bolsa Família beneficiaries. The federal government confirmed the release of an additional R$100.00, which will be added to the regular payments of this program from today, the 18th.

Although the total average value for the month has not yet been officially announced, expectations point to an amount that will exceed the R$600 mark, bringing significant financial relief to many families across the country.

Bolsa Família: Discover this month’s complementary benefits, including additional amounts for children and pregnant women. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is Bolsa Família?

Bolsa Família is a vital social program in Brazil, created to help low-income families overcome financial challenges and improve their quality of life. It provides monthly financial assistance to millions of families across the country, helping them purchase food, access education and basic healthcare. Furthermore, the program offers complementary benefits, adapted to the profile of each family.

Additional value for Espírito Santo

Excellent news for residents of Espírito Santo is that they will have access to the gas voucher, a state benefit that will complement the value of Bolsa Família provided by the federal government. This project, with a bimonthly frequency, is similar to the Gas Aid offered by the central government and will be aimed at approximately 7 thousand families in Espírito Santo.

To receive the gas voucher, you must meet the following requirements:

Be registered in the Single Registry;

The amounts corresponding to the gas voucher will appear in Banestes accounts from January 29th. Beneficiaries must collect the necessary card for withdrawal directly at a bank branch.

Complementary benefits

Namely, in addition to the aid intended for the purchase of cooking gas, this month’s Bolsa Família payment includes other complementary benefits. Depending on the composition of the family group, it is possible to receive more than R$1,000 per month. The number of children in the family plays a crucial role, as the more children, the greater the amount received.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the Single Registry data updated, informing the correct number of people living at the same address and receiving family support. Accumulated values ​​include:

A fixed amount of R$ 600 per benefiting family; An additional amount of R$ 150 per child aged 0 to 6; An additional amount of R$ 50 per child over 7 years old, young people up to 18 years old, pregnant women and babies up to 6 months.

The importance of Bolsa Família

In summary, Bolsa Família continues to play a vital role in supporting low-income families, contributing significantly to improving their living conditions. In addition to alleviating the financial burden, the program aims to promote access to education and basic health care, ensuring a more promising future for the children and pregnant women who benefit.

Therefore, be aware of upcoming payments and benefits available to you and your family. Take advantage of these opportunities to ensure a more stable and secure future.

Finally, Bolsa Família is more than a financial assistance program; It is a means by which the government invests in the well-being of Brazilian families, promoting social inclusion and alleviating inequalities.

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