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With the Social Electricity Tariff, you can guarantee discounts of up to 65% on your electricity bill! Check if you are entitled to the social program.

The electricity bill has always been one of the main concerns in the budget of Brazilian families. In times of economic uncertainty, saving on your bill becomes even more crucial.

In this context, the Social Tariff Program appears as a relief for many, offering significant discounts on electricity bills. Read on to see more details about this program and understand how you can benefit from it.

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The crucial payment of electricity bills

Paying your electricity bill on time is essential to maintain energy supply, a vital service for well-being and the development of daily activities.

However, for low-income families, this expense can represent a major financial challenge. In some cases, Brazilians spend more than 50% of their monthly budget on this bill alone.

This is where the Social Tariff Program becomes a valuable resource! However, it is worth remembering that not everyone can participate in the initiative.

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Understanding the Social Electricity Tariff

The Electricity Social Tariff Program, an initiative of the Federal Government, aims to provide discounts of up to 65% on electricity bills for low-income families.

This program is based on Law No. 10,438 and is financed by Proinfa and CDE, and discounts are obtained through exemption from taxes that are paid by other consumers.

Who is entitled to the Social Electricity Tariff?

As we mentioned previously, not everyone can register for the energy incentive program. Therefore, to qualify for the Social Tariff, you must meet the following criteria:

Be a low-income residential customer; Be registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico); Have a per capita monthly family income of less than half the minimum wage;

How to get the benefit?

Since 2022, the process for obtaining the Social Tariff benefit has been simplified. Now, just be registered with CadÚnico and meet the eligibility rules.

Identification and inclusion in the program are carried out automatically by the Federal Government. Therefore, it is not necessary to register specifically to guarantee access to discounts.

Documents to obtain the Social Tariff

To register for CadÚnico and guarantee your participation in the program, you must present the following documents at the CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center) units:

ID; CPF; Voter ID; Birth or Marriage Certificate; Work Card; Proof of Residence.

How do discounts work?

It is worth remembering that the Social Electricity Tariff discounts vary according to the monthly consumption of each family. In other words: the less a family spends, the greater the value of the rebate. See the table below:

65% for consumption between 0 and 30 kWh; 40% for consumption between 31 and 100 kWh; 10% for consumption between 101 and 220 kWh.

Avoid canceling your benefit!

Keeping the data updated in CadÚnico is crucial to avoid losing the benefit. In cases of outdated information, access to the discount may be interrupted.

Furthermore, failure to comply with the requirements or failure to update your registration may lead to the benefit being blocked or canceled. Therefore, it is important to always be attentive and up to date with the program's obligations.

Therefore, it is essential to monitor the status of your benefit regularly and keep documentation and registration information up to date. This guarantees the continuity of the discount on the electricity bill and the peace of mind of being up to date with your responsibilities.

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Take advantage of the benefit and get the discount!

By following these guidelines, you can guarantee your access to this benefit and significantly alleviate the burden of energy bills on your family budget.

Finally, make sure you comply with the program requirements and enjoy the benefits that the Social Tariff can offer. To clarify your doubts, visit

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