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INSS 2024 Life Proof: Perform the procedure digitally via cell phone and guarantee your benefits. Find out how to simplify your pension life.

As we enter 2024, the INSS Life Proof continues to be an annual commitment that retirees, pensioners and civil political amnesties must fulfill. However, the good news is that this new year, the process is more accessible and convenient than ever, thanks to digital Proof of Life available through your cell phone.

In this guide, we will not only cover how to carry out the Proof of Life using your cell phone, but we will also provide additional information and details about the importance of this procedure for the security of your benefits.

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Carrying out the Life Test via cell phone in 2024

Proof of Life is a vital procedure to confirm the existence of the beneficiary, ensuring that the monthly payment of the social security benefit is made correctly and reliably. With the advancement of technology, the Federal Government implemented measures to simplify this process, making it accessible through the application.

In this sense, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the application

First, open the application (on your preferred mobile device and select the "Log in with" option. Then, enter your CPF and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Enter your access password

Then, enter your access password, which is the same used on other Federal Government platforms, and click "Enter". On the first page of the application, choose the "Proof of Life" option.

Step 3: Start Proof of Life

Within the "Proof of Life History" section, select "Pending Proof of Life" to begin the procedure. Choose the "Do facial recognition" option and follow the instructions presented on the platform. This can include movements such as moving your face closer to or away from the screen. At the end, the Proof of Life status will be indicated as "Authorized".

By choosing to carry out the Proof of Life via cell phone, you not only fulfill your obligations with the INSS, but also contribute to the efficiency of the social security system as a whole. Furthermore, it avoids unnecessary travel, saving time and resources.

The importance of digital Proof of Life in 2024

Proof of Life plays a crucial role in preventing fraud and ensuring that social security benefits are correctly directed to legitimate beneficiaries. With the evolution of technology, it has become essential to adopt more efficient and safe methods to perform this procedure.

The digital Proof of Life option offers numerous advantages, including the ability to complete the process without leaving home. This is especially beneficial in times of pandemic, when minimizing personal contact is essential for public health.

Keep your benefits up to date in 2024

Carrying out the Proof of Life via cell phone is a smart choice for all INSS beneficiaries. In addition to being a more practical and safer alternative, it is also an important step to ensure that your benefits are kept up to date.

In an increasingly digital world, it is crucial to keep up with the technologies available to simplify our lives. The INSS Life Proof is yet another area where technology is playing a fundamental role, making processes more accessible and efficient.

Therefore, in 2024, take advantage of the ease of taking the INSS Life Test directly from your cell phone. Avoid unnecessary travel, contribute to the efficiency of the pension system and rest assured that your benefits are protected. The digital era has arrived to simplify our lives, and the INSS Life Proof is no exception.

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