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This week, thousands of Brazilians will receive payments through Caixa Tem. See if you will have access to the benefit too!

This week, everyone who receives government payments should keep an eye on their Caixa Tem account.

You know that feeling of relief and anticipation when an expected payment finally arrives? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening now!

This week, Bolsa Família beneficiaries should pay attention to Caixa Tem. Check out the reasons! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Payment of benefits through Caixa Tem

Initially, Caixa Tem, which is an application from Caixa Econômica Federal, released this Wednesday (24) the payment of Bolsa Família to a new group of beneficiaries.

We are talking about a significant amount: R$685.61 on average per family! Just imagine the relief and happiness of these people when they received this much-needed help.

How to keep Caixa Tem updated so as not to lose benefits?

Furthermore, keeping the Caixa Tem application updated is essential to guarantee access to social benefits and financial services safely and efficiently.

In general, the updates bring improvements, bug fixes and new features, in addition to strengthening the security of user data.

To update, simply access your smartphone’s app store, search for Caixa Tem and select the update option.

By doing this, you avoid technical problems and ensure that you always have the latest tools and information about your benefits and services at hand.

What benefits does the government pay through Caixa Tem?

The Caixa Tem app is a digital platform that facilitates access to various benefits and social services, not just Bolsa Família.

Thus, through it, benefits such as Emergency Aid (when active), PIS, Vale-Gás and BEm (Emergency Employment and Income Preservation Benefit) are paid.

Furthermore, Caixa Tem also allows the payment of emergency FGTS and PIS/Pasep. In addition to transferring and receiving amounts, the app offers basic banking services, becoming an essential tool for the financial inclusion of millions of Brazilians.

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Additional payments from Bolsa Família

In addition to the base amount, there are additional benefits that can increase this amount. For example, for families with children between 0 and 7 years old, there is an additional R$150 per child.

In addition, there is a variable benefit for pregnant women or children and adolescents between 7 and 18 years old. It’s details like this that make all the difference at the end of the month, right?

When does the January Bolsa Família payment take place?

The Bolsa Família payment calendar for January 2024 is organized according to the last digit of each beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS). See the dates:

NIS final 1: January 18 NIS final 2: January 19 NIS final 3: January 22 NIS final 4: January 23 NIS final 5: January 24 NIS final 6: January 25 NIS final 7: January 26 NIS final 8: January 29 NIS final 9: January 30NIS end 0: January 31

These dates are essential for beneficiaries to plan their finances and access support provided by the government.

Will the gas voucher be paid in January?

Finally, Vale-Gás is a benefit designed to help low-income families purchase cooking gas.

To be eligible, the family must be registered in the Cadastro Único and have a monthly income per person of up to half the minimum wage.

The benefit is paid bimonthly, corresponding to 50% of the national average price of a 13 kg gas cylinder. In other words, there is no transfer in January, only in February.

Ultimately, Vale-Gás aims to alleviate the financial impact of purchasing gas for families who need it most, contributing to food security and well-being.

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