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Millions of Brazilians can still withdraw billions of reais in forgotten amounts! We show the updated tutorial for accessing the SVR and making withdrawals.

Have you ever thought about discovering that you have forgotten money lying around waiting to be rescued? In 2024, this could be your reality! We are talking about billions of reais in forgotten values, registered in the Central Bank’s Receivable Values ​​System (SVR).

The good news is that accessing this information and claiming what’s yours may be easier than you think. So, how can I access the SVR and withdraw the forgotten amounts? In this regard, there is no secret: just follow our guide below.

Forgotten values ​​remain available to Brazilians at SVR! See how to cash out. Credit: plasticaxe.

All the origins of forgotten values ​​in 2024

The Values ​​Receivable System (SVR) is a Government platform created precisely to guarantee the withdrawal of money forgotten in banking institutions. As you already know, billions of reais are waiting to be withdrawn.

In this regard, where does the forgotten SVR money come from? Forgotten values ​​can have different origins, and here are some of them:

Closed bank accountsPayment accountsConsortiaUndue feesInheritances from deceased relatives

These financial resources, for different reasons, were not redeemed by their owners. Now, with the help of the Central Bank, you have the chance to get back what’s yours.

How to check the money forgotten by the CPF?

Checking whether you have amounts to receive through your CPF is a simple and completely digital process. Here’s what you need to do:

Access the Amounts Receivable System: Go to the Central Bank website at Enter your details: Provide your CPF and date of birth. Wait for the response: The system will inform you if there are amounts in your name.

Attention! The process must be carried out EXCLUSIVELY on the official SVR website, at the address shown above. It is important to be careful, as many scammers are committing fraud using SVR’s aesthetics and name.

Querying forgotten values ​​of deceased relatives

If you are an heir, executor or legal representative, you can also check whether a deceased relative left receivables. The process includes:

Access to the SVR: Use the deceased’s data to access the system. Verification of Values: If there are values ​​in the name of the deceased, the system will provide the necessary information.

How to withdraw forgotten amounts in 2024?

Now that you know how to check forgotten amounts in the SVR, it’s time to check out the complete step-by-step guide for making the withdrawal without leaving home. See below:

Access the Central Bank website: Go to Value consultation: On the SVR page, locate the option "Consult Values ​​Receivable" and then choose the option to consult by CPF or CNPJ. Enter your data: Enter your CPF (or CNPJ, if applicable) and your date of birth.Captcha: Transcribe the security characters shown in the image for verification.Processing: After clicking on "Consult", wait for the system to process your request .Result: The system will show if there are amounts to receive in your nameImportant Details: Write down the information of the financial institution where the amount is available.Login: To proceed, you will need to access your account on the portal.Security Level: Your account must be validated at silver or gold level (Click here to find out how to increase the level).Redemption Request: Follow the instructions provided by SVR to complete the redemption request.Confirmation: Confirm the transaction details and submit your request ;Ready! From there, the institution will have 12 business days to deposit the money into your bank account.

It is worth remembering that only institutions registered with the SVR are obliged to return the money within 12 working days. For others, it is necessary to contact directly to request the withdrawal.

The Role of the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC)

In situations of bankruptcy or financial problems of institutions, the FGC acts as insurance for account holders and investors. It is important to know that the FGC guarantees up to R$250,000 per CPF and per institution, offering an extra layer of security for your investments.

Discovering forgotten values ​​in 2024 could be an incredible opportunity to recover resources you didn’t even know you had. With the Central Bank system, both personal consultations and those of deceased relatives are facilitated, opening doors for you to claim what is yours.

Don’t miss this chance to see if there is any value waiting for you. After all, who wouldn’t want a positive financial surprise?

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