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Those who took the Enem should pay attention, as the exam will finally release their grades. See how to discover yours!

Anxiety comes to an end for millions of students: the Enem 2023 result will be released next Tuesday, January 16th. If you are one of the candidates eagerly awaiting, now is the time to prepare to access your grades and plan your next steps.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of accessing the results and explain the importance of Enem in your academic future. Whether you are applying to public universities or scholarship and financing programs, understanding how to check your performance is crucial. Let’s go on this post-Enem journey together!

Did you take the Enem in 2023? So get ready to discover your grade soon. See how! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Enem 2023: results on the way! Find out how to access and next steps

The National High School Exam (Enem) is more than an assessment: it is a passport to higher education. Used as a selection criterion by public universities through SISU, and also for programs such as ProUni and FIES, Enem is a unique opportunity for students from all over Brazil.

How to access your result

To check the result, students must access the Participant Page (with their unique login on the platform. When entering, you must enter your CPF and click next to view the performance report. If you lose your password, there is a simple recovery process available on the website.

Abstention rate and relevant topics

Of the 3.9 million registered in the 2023 edition, 1.2 million did not take the exam, resulting in an abstention rate of 32%. The 2023 exam brought relevant and current questions, including the essay topic focused on the challenges of care work carried out by women in Brazil.

Use of the Enem score: universities, scholarships and financing

Finally, the National High School Exam (Enem) score is a versatile tool that opens doors to various educational opportunities. Let’s explore the main programs and institutions that use the Enem score.

Unified Selection System (SISU)

SISU is perhaps the best-known use of the Enem score. This system from the Ministry of Education (MEC) allows students to enter Brazilian public universities. Enem scores are used to classify candidates, who choose the courses and institutions where they wish to study. SISU usually opens registrations in January, after the exam results are released.

University for All Program (ProUni)

ProUni offers full and partial scholarships at private higher education institutions. To apply, you must have taken the most recent Enem, reaching a minimum grade established by the program. Registration for ProUni normally takes place at the beginning of the year, after the Enem results and before or simultaneously with SISU.

Student Financing Fund (FIES)

FIES is a financing program for students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree at private institutions. To participate, you must have taken the test since 2010 and achieved a minimum score. FIES usually opens registrations at the beginning of the year, in a period close to that of SISU and ProUni.

Admission to private universities with Enem

Many private universities in Brazil use the exam score as a selection criterion for their courses, replacing the traditional entrance exam. Some institutions offer scholarships based on Enem scores, providing another option for students.

International educational programs

The Enem score is also accepted in some higher education institutions abroad, mainly in Portugal. These universities have agreements with INEP to use Enem scores in the selection of Brazilian students.

Taking advantage of opportunities

The Enem score is a key that can open several doors in the educational world. Knowing and understanding the different ways of using it is essential to take advantage of the opportunities available. If you took the Enem, pay attention to the deadlines and requirements of each program and plan your future with the options that your score can provide you with. Good luck!

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